A Summer Love

This story is going to have a sequel!
Lilly is forced to go to a summer camp, at first she hates it. Her cabin is right next to a group of annoying football jocks. Meet Jayce, will he change Lilly's perspective on how she sees him? Or when her boyfriend Jake cheat on her while she's away at camp?


1. "Im going where?!"

Lilly: First of all, let me tell you about myself, I'm 5'2, light brown hair that reaches my waist, dark brown eyes, and I have fair skin. I woke up as usual, checked my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. After about 1/2 hour, I got up, washed up, and took a shower. I decided to wear a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and put my hair in a tight bun. I applied some make up and sprayed on perfume so I smell yummy. I filmed a YouTube video before I went downstairs, but there was a knock at my door. "Come in!" "Honey, your father and I need to talk to you about something." "Ok sure..whatever.." My dad came upstairs with something behind his back. Hmm...gee I wonder what it could be, probably another math textbook.. *sigh* "It's summer starting tomorrow, your father and I are heading off to see your grandparents tomorrow." "And your point is?" I asked annoyingly. "We can't leave you alone here." "Mom, for Heaven's sake, I'm 16 now. Im not gonna do anything stupid." "No, Lilly, we can't do that. I'm sending you off to summer camp for 2 months." "I'm going WHERE?!" "Summer camp, it'll be fun, you'll get to meet new people and try new things, and enjoy life for once and try to have fun." "UGH why do I have to go you guys?!?!" "Lilly, you're packing tonight and leaving tomorrow morning." "You're not taking your cell phone, iPad, or laptop with you either." "Woah woah woah. Let's not get crazy here!!" "Lilly, it's for your own good. Now hand them over." Gosh. I had my damn life. I gave my parents my electronics and I know where they hide it. They were leaving for my stuff. "Wait, where are you guys going right now?" "Your father and I are going out for lunch with some friends, we'll be back in a few hours." With that,they left. I waited till I heard the front door shut and looked through the window for their car to leave. "YES!" I ran downstairs and unlocked the safe with my electronics. Then I ran back upstairs, I saw a magazine with the stuff I needed for camp, what I was gonna do, and the cabin information. I threw myself onto my bed and screamed into my pillow. 

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