A Summer Love

This story is going to have a sequel!
Lilly is forced to go to a summer camp, at first she hates it. Her cabin is right next to a group of annoying football jocks. Meet Jayce, will he change Lilly's perspective on how she sees him? Or when her boyfriend Jake cheat on her while she's away at camp?


11. "How dare you."

Jayce: I grabbed Lily's cheek and moved my hands slowly across her face. "Touch me again like this, and you won't be able to see tomorrow morning." "Look Lilly, I know I'm a football jock, but I I have a lot of feelings for you. I actually, truly like you. No wait. I love you. A lot really, I do." "Jayce...I'm so sorry.. I-" 

Lilly: That's when Jayce kissed me. Oh. God. I thought I was gonna die. Holy frick. I enjoyed this kiss. Wait. WTF WAS I DOING!?!?!?!? I'M DATING JAKE BACK AT HOME!!!!! Back in California.... I pulled away from Jayce's lips but I was still in his grip. "If Jake and I don't work out when I get back, we'll try "US" out, ok?" "Ok, just friends? For now?" "More like BEST FRIENDS." "That's good to hear!!"

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