A Summer Love

This story is going to have a sequel!
Lilly is forced to go to a summer camp, at first she hates it. Her cabin is right next to a group of annoying football jocks. Meet Jayce, will he change Lilly's perspective on how she sees him? Or when her boyfriend Jake cheat on her while she's away at camp?


14. HELP.

Jayce: We got to chill and do whatever we wanted around the camp. "Do you wanna swim?" "Sure"

Lilly: I took off my shorts and shirt only to reveal my floral bikini. I guess I couldn't stop thinking about Jake because I jumped into the lake not knowing what was down there or how deep it was.

Jayce: "Lilly, wait!!" I ripped off my shirt and jumped in after Lilly. I had no idea how deep the lake was or what was in it either. I was really worried about what Lilly was doing.

Lilly: I really missed Jake. I haven't talked to him in a while. I went deaf, I couldn't function correctly. Before anyone knew it, I was under water. I don't know what happened. I didn't like Jayce like that. I was in love with Jake and I was flirting with Jayce. WHY!?! IDK. I really wanted Jake and I to work out. I must've been drunk when I said I'd give Jayce a chance if it didn't work out with Jake and I couldn't breathe and that's when everything went black.....

Jayce: I saw Lilly sinking deeper and deeper into the lake and I swam in after her. I got a grip of her hand and swam back to shore. Everyone gathered around us. "GIVE THEM SOME ROOM GUYS!!" Yells Jack. "Oh god what do I do?!?!?!?!" Lilly wasn't breathing or moving. I had to give her CPR. I took a deep breath and gave Lilly CPR.

*Moments later..*

Lilly: I immediately felt someone's warm lips on mine and I could breathe. I was couching and choking up water. "Breathe in and out, easy." It was Jayce. Oh god. Jayce just preformed CPR on me.

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