Best Friends

It's summer break, 2014. The moment everyone lives for. Riley goes on a vacation, and invites her best friend, Zach. Little does she know, she falls in love.


1. The Final Bell

1. The Final Bell

             2:15 on June 10th. The bell for summer had just rang. Everyone was pouring out the doors, while Zach and I were just standing there waiting for the crowd to clear. Well, before I get started, I should probably tell you a little about myself. My name is Riley James and I'm 15 years old, well almost 15. I'll be 15 on the 30th of June. I am in the school band and I play the trombone. I am also in the drama club. My best friend is Zachary, or Zach, Lawrence. We've been best friends since kindergarten. Anyways, let's get on with the story. "Riley, it's finally summer. We survived our first year of high school," Zach said as he playfully punched my arm. "Hey, it's really not that hard as long as you apply yourself." I was always the smarter one out of us. "You know, you may be smarter, but I'm still older," he said as we headed for the door. "I'll text you later Rils, my mom is here to pick me up." "K. See you later," I replied happily.

           As I walked through the door of my house, my dog, Wishbone, excitedly greeted me. "Wishbone, Wishbone, calm down!" Buzz! Buzz!  I heard my phone go off in my bag. It was Zach. I never really got texts from anyone else. I was a quiet, shy girl. 

Zach: OMG! I haven't seen you in forever girl!

Me: OMG! I know right! #missyaalready

Zach: Anyways wasssss upppppp best frand?

Me: Just playing fetch with Wishbone. Hbu?

Zach: Texting you and listening to music.

Me: Wanna go to the arcade?

Zach: Do I? Ummmm.... yeah!

Me: Meet me there in 15!

Zach: Ok :)

        "Riley, the arcade is closed. Wanna see a movie instead?" "Sure." We got our tickets and popcorn and made our way to the theater. "Let's take these two," I said. We sat down and the previews came on. "Stupid previews. Who cares anyway?," Zach said. The movie had been on for a little while and I reached for some popcorn and our hands touched. I felt a spark. "This is a good movie, huh," I said in the awkwardness. He didn't say anything. Did he feel something too? Something bad? The movie ended and we went home.


     Two weeks went by and he hadn't called or responded to my texts. I was getting worried.

Me: Hey Zach :D

Me: Night best frand! I miss you :(

Me: Wakety wakety! Wanna hang out today?

Me: Zach? What's going on? R u ok? I'm scared :(

Me: That's it. I'm coming over.





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