A Stroll Through The Meadow

You usually think when you get out of High School your life is gonna start and its going to be amazing!.... But in Brittany's Case it isn't that amazing, until the day she bumps into someone who changes her life forever.


2. One Time Too Many

  "Brittany's P.O.V."


        I walk in the house with a towel around me, and nothing underneath because I was just surfing so I took my suit of outside on the back porch. No one is home and we don't have neighbors so it's okay. I run up stairs to my room and go straight to my closet. I pick out sweat pants and a long sleeve. I go straight to my bathroom and lay my stuff on the counter. I turn the water on to the perfect temp. I grab two new towels and wash my old makeup of. I take my hair out of its messy bun and let it go. I jump in the shower. After that 30 minute shower I jump out and get dressed. I brush my hair and go to my closet and grab socks. I put them on and go downstairs to the family room. I watch a little bit of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, then I hear my phone ringing up the stairs to my room I get there just in time to answer it.

"Hello?" I said forgetting to look at who it is.

"I'M COMING HOME IN 1 HOUR. DINNER SHOULD BE MADE OR ELSE." My dad said. Well I don't call him that. His name is Dave. I was to scared to say anything except...

"Yes sir." I said and with that he hung up. I quickly ran downstairs and grabbed a skillet. I put the temperature on high and added the hamburger I had set I set out this morning to thaw. I grabbed the box of hamburger helper and took out the ingredients carefully setting them on the counter. After the Hamburg was cooked I added water, milk, sauce mix, uncooked pasta.  After they were cooked I turned the burner off and set the put in the middle of the table on the medium sized, round cooling rack. I took out two plates, two forks, two cups, and two napkins and set them on the table where we would be sitting. 

                                                               * 30 minutes later" 

            He. Is. Home. I hope he isn't drunk. He walks in the door wobbling and shut his words. He walks over to the table. He puts a fork full into his mouth and spits it back out. 


"I-I'm sorry." I say running over and give it to him. He puts it on his good the starts eating.

"Gosh..." I say under my breath breath hoping he wouldn't hear me. I guessed wrong.


"N-Nothing!" I say stuttering. He walks over to me and slaps me. I fall towards the table it falls. He takes the glass cup of his and smashes it against the counter I try to crawl off the table but he runs and grabs me stabbing my arm with the glass. 

"OWWWW!" I scream in agony. He pulls me up by the hair pushes me up the stairs and to my room. He takes all my clothes off with me struggling. He pulls his belts off and he lashes me with it at least 12 times. Probably more, I stopped counting when I couldn't feel my lower body any more. He finally lives the room. I pull the blankets over me hurting too much to get dressed. I cry myself to sleep. 

                                                            *1 o'clock in the morning*

     I wake up in pain. I pull my robe on and go slowly downstairs to get some pain pills. I grab two and wash them down with a glass of cold milk.  I walk back up stairs being quiet because I know Dave will be snoring. But, I don't hear snoring. I quietly tiptoe to his room. I open the door slowly he isn't there. I look out his window and his car is gone. I wonder back to my room knowing he probably went to the bar. I sit on my bed thinking. I suddenly get this idea. I run to my closet and grab my traveling case that has wheels. I pick the full outfits, and shoes. I grab a bag for accessories and get my straightener, makeup, perfume, deodorant, etc. I go into my dad's room and walk over to the picture frame on his wall of some meadow. I take the picture frame and set it on his bed. I open the safe. I find over a trillion dollars, tons of credit cards, and a diamond necklace that was my mom's. I grab most of the money, the credit cards, and the necklace. I put it in my cross over shoulder bag from coach and I go out the door. I just walk in front of all the beach houses only looking forward. Never looking back. It was one time to many. And finally I grew the balls to leave.




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