A Stroll Through The Meadow

You usually think when you get out of High School your life is gonna start and its going to be amazing!.... But in Brittany's Case it isn't that amazing, until the day she bumps into someone who changes her life forever.


1. Introduction

                   Where do I start... My name is Brittany Renee Smith. I'm 18, just out of High School. I have straight light blonde hair that goes to the middle of my back, Green Eyes, Dimples, and I'm 5' 6 and weigh 120. I live in a Mansion on Laguna Beach, California with my dad. Well kinda, he is always working when he isn't he is home beating me. I have spent most of my life on the beach surfing or in my music room singing and playing piano. My mom died when i was 13, I've been beaten by my dad ever since. I used to have a friend named Travis. He stopped being my friend 2 day before my mom  died. He started bullying me. Saying my mom killed herself because of me. I have an older brother named Eric. He isn't ever home because he left for the Army. He didn't know i was being beaten. But, he wouldn't be able to stop it anyway. I go to school acting strong like nothing ever happened, but deep inside i feel like breaking down, and hiding from the world. I have lots of friends so I'm not a no body, but they don't know anything cause if they did, i don't think they would wanna be my friend.

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