Shannon is a 15 year old girl living in Seattle, Washington. She holds a secret from her family and friends that she only could know she has powers.

She soon attacks a bully in a accident while walking home she ends up using her powers practically destroying the neighborhood. People outside who saw the whole thing take a video of what had happened.

The video goes completely viral and the people living in the neighborhood calls the police where Shannon is taken from her family and sent to a laboratory in the dessert of Arizona.

She finds some kids who have powers just like her they all soon become close friends but later escape from the lab because they're powers have given alien signals. Would they save the world from ailen domination or help them take over the world?


3. chapter 2

Come on! My mom yells rushing into the garage I follow right behind her into the SUV while my little twin sister's stagger behind me. As we drove by the little shops cramped in-between the bigger buildings. Soon I was in the front yard of the school building, where everyone was buzzing in excitement for the last day of school. I don't really see what's so special it's just going to be another school year where we waste 7 more hours of our lives. It's nothing amazing I told myself walking over to the school stairs.

In the hallways people were swarming everywhere it was a mad house mob when I walked in the bell rang everyone suddenly paused and ran into the near by classes. I quickly walked by the boy who was always that mysterious kid who always sat alone in the cafeteria or who stayed on campus after school spray painting things in the art room. I guess art is his specialty I sometimes thinks he has powers but it's like their charms. So as I walk past by him he slowly looked up and for the first time I could see his face clearly he had that Californian beach eyes, his hair a wavy sandy brown, and his skin was olive. I was amazed at how he seemed to glow in the sunlight, as I walked into mrs. Scarlett's algebra class I felt like I was being watched even though the kids were too busy playing on their phones or staring off into space while mrs. Scarlett was teaching us about how we're going to be so mature for the real world.

Finally the day has ended! One of the kids screamed as we left the halls I suddenly see Patrick Holmes aka "boomer" picking on mystery kid outside I immediately rush over. "Hey! Leave him alone it's summer go home I screamed at boomer "shut the hell up Shannon" he yelled he looked back at mystery guy and told him that he should pound his face to the concrete I ran over to boomer and slapped him. He became red as a tomato, his hands balled up in fist he took a swing to hit me but I had luckily ducked. He ended up pushing me down where I bumped my head on the pavement of concrete.

The mystery boy was in a corner where boomer was about to punch him. I suddenly felt angry it was like I have risen to become something more powerful than before. I had locked my focus on the near by empty school bus where the soccer team were heading towards, I unleashed my powers the bus started to float I pulled it towards boomer. Boomer, if you beat up another kid in this school I will beat you done until there was nothing left of you! I yelled at him try me he smirked I threw the bus over him the bus landed on top of the small part of the school.

Which had crumbled down into debris, boomer finally took off running I was so furious that the boy ran away too. I was so mad that I suddenly blurred out of what I was doing and destroyed everything around me. Buildings caught flame, cars were crushed, my school was partly destroyed. Everything went bad I noticed a group of people who saw everything and recorded it from the very beginning I looked at them they all took off running away screaming in terror.

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