Shannon is a 15 year old girl living in Seattle, Washington. She holds a secret from her family and friends that she only could know she has powers.

She soon attacks a bully in a accident while walking home she ends up using her powers practically destroying the neighborhood. People outside who saw the whole thing take a video of what had happened.

The video goes completely viral and the people living in the neighborhood calls the police where Shannon is taken from her family and sent to a laboratory in the dessert of Arizona.

She finds some kids who have powers just like her they all soon become close friends but later escape from the lab because they're powers have given alien signals. Would they save the world from ailen domination or help them take over the world?


2. chapter 1

Young we were but free we weren't

As the sound of the alarm wakes me I slowly rise from the bed. I look around my room with the sun faded into grey clouds making the room darker than usual. Since it's too early and no one is awake I have this moment to myself so I can practice my abilities. I sat down on the carpet that kept the room warm from the coldness outside. I look over to an old teddy bear sitting in a corner, I focus on the bear like what color it is, is it big or small, and who this bear is.

The bear suddenly moves in midair and floats up to the ceiling of the room. I lift my index finger in a twirling motion the bear spins on the center of the ceiling like I was playing the game spin the bottle. My bedroom door swings open I automatically stop and the stuff animal fell straight to the ground before they could see. Shannon, what are you doing up so early mom asked mom I can't go back to sleep, I'm excited about the last day of school I lied ok but while your up you could get ready for school she replied walking down the hall.

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