Young love

this is a story about a girl who follows her dreams. and sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.


2. The truth comes out

        That night me and Louis talked over the phone. I could tell Jayda got Harry's cell phone number too, because every five seconds she would smile or laugh. Louis said '' i think Jayda and Harry like each other". Yea i said. 

Louis P.O.V 

 I looked at harry he was smiling like never before. So what do you think about those girls? i asked him. They are perfect, there is just something about Jayda that makes my heart beat so fast Harry said. I know me and Emily just met but i love her. I know its crazy but its true. 

   My P.O.V 

I asked Louis if him and the boys wanted to come over tomorrow cause me and Jayda are going to have a party. "Of course but if i come will you give me a kiss?" Louis said. "Yes" i replied. Jayda was so happy to know that the person she loved, loved her back. After we was done talking to the boys we started writing down some things to do at the party tomorrow. " We should hire a DJ" Jayda said. Yea I replied. 


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