Young love

this is a story about a girl who follows her dreams. and sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.


4. The next step

     The next morning the boys and Jayda came in the room. They took pictures of us cuddling and put it on twitter cause they said that we looked so cute. After they were done taking pictures they say the wake up song. " YOU GOT TO GET UP " they yelled. Me and Louis jumped up and screamed. After we got up me and Jayda got dressed , we took the boys to there hotel so they could get changed. After they got changed we all went to get breakfast. We went to Route 40 Diner. I got a pancake with a face on it, all the boys laughed at me. Jayda and Harry got a milkshake to share. The wrest of the boys got waffles. When we got home we all just hung out for a while. Harry and Jayda was in the kitchen getting drinks getting food and drinks. 

Me and Liam was having a dance off. He started with a moonwalk , then he ended with a slit. I didn't know what to do, so i just did the chicken dance. They all laughed at me. Five minutes later Jayda and Harry came in the room.  Harry then asked "What was so funny "? Niall then turned around and said '' Emily and Liam had a dance off". "Who won " Jayda asked? Liam then jumped up and yelled " I DID"! I laughed and and said " Yea i suck".

Zayn had this look on his face like he had an idea. "What are you thing about Zayn" Jayda asked. He then grabbed the remote and put on music. "LETS DANCE " he yelled. Louis was sitting one the couch. He grabbed my waist and put me on his lap. "I love you Emily" he whispered in my ear. I got up , grabbed his hands and pulled him up off the couch. 

After i got him up i then said " Louis i love you too, but every time i love someone they leave me" I said. He then grabbed my hands and said "i will never do that to you, I will always be by your side". 

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