Young love

this is a story about a girl who follows her dreams. and sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.


5. The big question

 The next morning me and Jayda got up at nine. We went down stairs to eat breakfast, that's when we say a note on the fridge. It said Dear girls, we had to go to practice early today, love you lots - one direction. After we read the note we started making eggs and bacon. 

The boys came home at three, thirty. Me and Jayda was upstairs folding clothes and listening to music. Happily then came on, we started jumping around the room like crazy. "You guys look like rabbits " Zayn said. We all started laughing , then Harry said " hey why don't we go tonight". We all said "sure, but were will we go"? He then looked up at the ceiling and said " How about to a club"? 

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