Young love

this is a story about a girl who follows her dreams. and sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.


3. that night

         We started getting things together around five, thirty . The boys came at six.

Harry P.O.V

I walked in the door and I saw Jayda standing there. She looked so beautiful, I hope she don't realize that I am wearing boots with sweat pants. Tonight is the perfect time to tell her how I feel about her. OMG , she is walking over here.

My P.O.V

So I told the boys to help themselves there is food in the kitchen. Do you have cookies ? Niall asked. Yea I just got them out of the oven.

Louis came in the kitchen with the boys. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed me on my check " you look beautiful today" he said. I turned around and looked in his sparkling blue eyes. " You look fantastic too" i replied. He smiled and helped me with the food. 

Later that night we all sat down and watched insidious. I sat on Louis lap, Jayda cuddled with Harry on the couch. Around eleven me and Louis went upstairs and went to sleep.    

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