Justin I need to help you,your spirits fading.

A romantic sexual but upsetting novel about how Avalyn Cassidy Brown is saved by Justin after seeing him one night down by the bridge? But how do angels come back down to Earth before they even made it into heaven? READ ON TO FIND OUT.



6. you heard it didn't you?

Justin: why did you shake your head


*i asked Ava as she continued to walk fast so every so often I had to jog to keep up*

Justin: AVA!

Ava: WHAT?

Justin: what is wrong why are you acting so weird and distant what have I done?

Ava: nothing Justin just shut up and walk.

Justin: No

Ava: Justin please can we just walk and find somewhere to stay I just need to sleep this all off.. Please *I said with a slight whimper on my last word to which he replied*

Justin: You heard it didn't you?

Ava: What? * I asked turning to face him again scrunching my nose up as if to seem confused although I know he knows I'm aware of what he means*

Then it was as if he had tuned into my head as he continued to stare at me he was in my head talking to me although I was looking at him and his lips were stationary.

Justin's inner voice: you heard this voice didn't you?

My face became hot and then instantly turned cold and I couldn't blink I was frozen. I was in a daze until he decided to speak again.


J's IV: Ava!

He said whisper shouting inside my head. I jumped back gasping as the voice scared me back out of my daze.

Ava: H-h-how do you do t-t-that?

Justin: I'll explain later now lets find somewhere to sleep how about under the hotel porch next to the Hilton hotel?

Ava: Why should we sleep outside though I have money?

Justin: uh I don't want to use your money you go ahead.. I'll stay out here

Ava: No Justin you're coming with me.

Justin: Right I'm gonna do something and you promise not to freak out when it happens?

Ava: Um okay I guess?

Justin: you promise?

Ava: I promise, Pinky promise  * I say offering my pinky to him he gladly accepts it and then slowly lets go*

Justin: Okay.. One..two..three * on three i was looking at him then a split second later he became transparent.. 'what the fu..' I stuck my arm out and it went straight through him he then came back in view and my hand was going through is body. I instantly pulled it back shivering to think my hand went straight through him.

Ava: J-J-Justin how did you do-do-do that?

Justin: No time to explain, take my five dollars and go into the Hilton hotel I'll walk alongside you but so no-one can see me you pay for yourself and I'll sneak in okay? I think a room for a couple of nights or more is twenty five to forty pound a night I mean I only have this 5 dollars but here..

He said reaching deep into his pocket struggling as his hand became caught in his pocket bringing out the last five dollars he had sending me a warm smile as if to show he was embarrassed about the amount he could give me to.

Ava: I don't need your money Justin.. Just watch me work my magic * I said giggling as I playfully winked at him walking away calling him with my finger, he stumbled beside me when I said right now go! at first he looked confused then he realised and disappeared . I re-adjusted my shirt to reveal a little bit of cleavage ruffed up my hair pulled out my chap-stick wiping it under my eyes to make them look wet and oily as though I had being crying. I ran up to the hotel running ' Justin?' I whispered so no-one else could hear but him. " right here " he said tapping me on my left shoulder all though he wasn't visible I smiled at him wherever he was. So I continued to run until I "accidentally" note the quote marks there ran into the doorman of the hotel.

Ava: I'm so sorry i-i-i didn't mean to I j-just i am i- i -i,

I said acting scared and confused to the doorman.

Door man (DM): Its okay little girls are you okay? * he said as he bent down to my height as he was so tall. He had black quiffed neat hair with greeny hazel eyes which glimmered and a warm smile.*

Ava: I just my f-family my stepd-d-dad he.. I just have nowhere he found out I'm p-pre and I can't he hit me, I can't go home, i just i i'm sorry for running into you.. but he's after me * I said sobbing as the fake tears rolled down my face just like the lies rolled off my tongue to fool him*

DM: Oh darling its okay don't worry lets get you a room ey? I'm Mikey, Mikey Earle what's your name Hunny? * he asked standing back up putting his hand behind my back to help usher me in through the big golden yet clear glass doors into the main reception.

Ava: Avalyn my names Avalyn like Evelyn but Avalyn. Avalyn Cassidy Brown. * i say snivelling to Mikey*

Mikey: hey look I'll get you a room for free okay? say two or three nights? is that okay? do you want to talk about anything?

Ava: t-t-t-thank you and no thanks it will just make things worse.. I uh i uh don't want that to happen..

I say looking shyly down at the floor.

Mikey: Okay well I put you in room 126 floor 3 okay? there's a main coffee room in the centre your rooms the second hallway okay? room service i put a budget of one hundred and fifty dollars so eat and drink what you wish just no alcohol Missy okay? oh and you can call your mom if you want to on the live wire phone okay sleep well I hope it all works out for you.

Ava: Thank you Mikey! * I say pulling him into a tight embrace as he rests his head on mine half frozen and confused but hugs me back* 

Mikey: your welcome now go run go sleep watch tv relax you've had a long day! The elevators over there on the right okay? * he said pointing I nodded fast from excitement and said goodbye again as well as thank you.

Justin: that was amazing Ava..

Ava: Shh just stay like that till we get in the room Justin.

Justin: okay sorry.

Ava: as I said that a couple dressed in fur coats and posh pointy shoes got in the elevator with us. The husband stepped back to lean on the wall only to step on Justin's foot a yelp of 'oww what the' the man's eyes switched to me as his body swung round. I had to pretend it was me obviously on Justin's behalf.. 

Ava: Sorry I didn't mean to yelp..

The man just ignored me and turned around with his nose in the air.

I shrugged remaining quiet hearing the bleep off the elevator doors for our floor..


A/N what do you think so far don't worry Justin's not an Alien or anything the story's much more complex then this okay so much to reveal in so little time.

HIT ME UP ON TWITTER FOR UPDATES @AYOKIDRUXHL in lower case though hehhe ly







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