Justin I need to help you,your spirits fading.

A romantic sexual but upsetting novel about how Avalyn Cassidy Brown is saved by Justin after seeing him one night down by the bridge? But how do angels come back down to Earth before they even made it into heaven? READ ON TO FIND OUT.



4. So uh why are you alone?


So me and Justin stayed sat in the cold airy night wind. There was an awkward silence for a while before Justin spoke up..

Justin: So uh why were you um like out here so early by yourself? I mean its like two a.m?

Ava: Uh well I guess it all got to much you know? Like I guess I just got tired.

Justin: Tired of what?

Ava: Tired of trying so hard to help others when I can't help myself you know?

Justin: I mean I did know, but I don't anymore I mean I'm leaving soon.

Ava: oh well where are you going to go?

Justin: Up there *he said as he pointed towards the sky I followed with my eyes the direction to which he was pointing*

Ava: I don't understand what you mean? wait you came here to..

Justin: Die? uh yeah I mean don't seem to surprised ahah *he said stuttering as he laughed*

Ava: Why are you laughing about this Justin?

Justin: Because you wouldn't understand.

Ava: trust me I would. Don't tell me I wouldn't understand you don't know me like that. Wow i mean..

Justin: wow I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset yo...Ava: Don't Justin Just save it.

As I said that I grabbed my stuff running out of the slopes up onto the bridge but as I went to continue to run over the bridge I got half way as the last car out of the three exited off the bridge into the darkness, I ran and ran to halfway until I run into this almost invisible wall. I was startled shocked I started banging on this invisible type of force when a car sped past crashing through it. With that I heard a yelp from somewhere I looked behind me and there was Justin.

Ava: Leave me alone Justin your not fooling me.

He remained pained on the floor, I began to run again past where I originally was stopped then the invisible barrier appeared again.

Ava; What the fuck? Help me someone help me.

I turned around to see Justin looking down with his arm raised towards me from afar with a kind of light sensation exiting his hand.

Ava: What are you doing? is this, is this you? Justin, you did this didn't you? oh my God Just....

Just as I was about to finish his name this screeching sound stung my ears causing my eyes to cave shut and me to squeal then these voices in my head appeared it sounded like a woman having ago at someone saying 'What have you done you freak! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD BE SO SELFISH GET UP. FOR CHRIST SAKE GET UP NOW. YOUR A MISTAKE OF A SON JUSTIN YOU ARE.' then it changed to the same lady in a calmer voice and I was visioning her to she was short with brown or black hair shaking what looked like a boy on the floor 'Baby get up come on now its not funny.. I was joking come on mummy didn't mean it mummy love you juju, come on up' 'leave me alone' then it changed to a skinny blonde girl quite similar to  Regina George who approached the hooded head down boy in what looked like a cafeteria where he was sat by himself.

' so like, yeah so uh why are you so alone?' to which the boy replied 'because I'm just sad'

Then it was as if all the breathe I had was sucked out of me once I realised that Justin truly was hurt and probably did understand. My pupils started to dilate and my body jumped backwards tripping slightly in the process with my breathe turning into a spark firing straight into Justin's chest.

Ava; I-I-It was you?

Justin: I-I-I-I got to go just don't mention my name to anyone. I don't even exist what am I doing.

with that he tried to get up his body limp and his lip bleeding from were he must of been biting it so hard in order not to show his pain. I tried to help him up but he pushed me away. Using his hand to shoo me away. He got up and began to run limping as he did so.

Ava: Justin wait. *ignored* Justin please. *ignored/ He continued to run away from me as if he was scared* JUSTIN PLEASE P-P-PLEASE DONT, just don't leave me. * I said sobbing uncontrollably, thinking a friend I had actually made is running away and I'm unsure of the actual reason and the whole of this mornings events. Though he came to a halt, slowly turning around to face me with a tear leaving his right eye and strolling down his face to hit the floor but as it went to fall he caught it rolling it into a ball between his fingers then placing it back in his eye.

Justin: what is it Ava? What am I a freak show? Do you want more tricks? what do you want Ava? You don't even know me?

Ava: I want you to stay with me right now. I don't want you to leave me. Not now... Please.

I said shaking my head tears streaming down my face as my natural caramel and chocolate brown hair cascaded down my stomach sticking to wet tears on my face.

Ava: Please you, I, Its, I just know you need someone to Justin.

Justin: I'll make a deal? You stick to your words and I'll stick to mine?

Ava: Okay * I said slowly walking forward towards him as he limped towards me*

Justin: Stay with me for a night here and I promise I'll be with you everyday wherever you go forever?

Ava: How would you do that though Justin? I don't understand this isn't possible?

Justin: Just trust me?


A/N yo guys what do you think I mean it will come eventually what's going on trust me its in the next chapter maybe.








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