Justin I need to help you,your spirits fading.

A romantic sexual but upsetting novel about how Avalyn Cassidy Brown is saved by Justin after seeing him one night down by the bridge? But how do angels come back down to Earth before they even made it into heaven? READ ON TO FIND OUT.



3. I'm Justin, Justin Drew.


A boy perched on the rock which I had just jumped off. Struggling to stay afloat I circle my arms spluttering and wiping my eyes causing the mascara to stream down my cheeks. My vision is blurred

as I try to focus on the boy. My eyes fix and I can see the boys eyes staring right at me peering into my head as if they are scanning my brain to make me think of words to say to start a conversation between the two of us after I seemed so scared when he suddenly appeared. All I was thinking was 'how did he get here? I swear I just stood there and I? what the? oh my god can he read my mind I mean that would be awkward..oh my god my mascara? I bet he thinks I'm a freak show..what is his na...

Mystery boy: Its okay,your confused I know. uh um.. Just in in-case you were thinking who I am. I,uh,lemme help you out of there ey?

I slowly nodded starting to swim closer to the edge extending my arm to link hands with this guy to get out. The warmth of his hand radiated onto mine as I jacked my leg on to the waters bank to help push me up, I mean I didn't want to see to heavy right? The boy was wearing a black hoodie with black sagged trousers and a black t-shirt with off white supra trainers and his hair in a perfect quiff. All around he was beautiful from his dimple next to his lip and he beautiful brown  orbs which could make anyone melt. Whoa back on track now, what am I thinking? I was shivering like hell because my clothes were drenched and the cold January air was hitting me rapidly. The boy took his hoodie off rapping it around my shoulders picking up my belongings and he did so then wrapping his free arm around my torso guiding me down the slopes into the bushes were he made me sit on a rock. He continually rubbed up and down my arms and back to gain some warmth for me and he began to shiver to.

Ava: Here you can have this back * I said sliding the black hoodie off my shoulders extending my arm out to give it to him*

Mystery boy: uh no its fine.. keep it I'm fine *he said as his jaw began to quiver and chatter*

Ava :look take it I'm fine I don't need it any more *I said more adamantly this time as a shiver ran up through my spine causing me to wriggle*

Mystery boy: Hey did your mum not say don't argue with strangers it could lead to trouble?huh?

Ava: I,um, I'm sorry I should go here * i said throwing the black hoodie at him picking up my bags trying to speed walk back up the slopes to the main road of the Brookly Bridge, when he grabbed my arm causing me to gasp*

Mystery boy: I'm joking, I'm sorry, I guess messing around and being sarcastic isn't ideal when you barely know a person nor there personality huh?

Ava: I guess not.

Mystery boy: come sit back down with me? I mean you don't have to, but um, I, uh it would nice to have some company and maybe a friend.. I mean it looks like you need one too?

Ava: um sure okay 


We started walking back down the slope into the bushes where we previously were just sat where the boy said 'Here have it back' and chucked the hoodie back to me.

Ava: Thank you, but um, come sit next to me I don't bite you know? And I'm pretty sure there's room for two of us under here..

I said opening the jacket arms like wings giving the boy a smile to show that I am friendly in the process. He then got up slowly walking towards me, he sat down next to me lifting my arm to wrap it round his back covering him with the hoodie to.

Mystery boy: *clears his throat* Uh hum, thank you.


There was an eerie silence for a moment and all you could hear was the rivers water crashing against the banks and the spray pattering on the crumpled leaves which lay close to the waters edge. We sat in this silence for a while until I decided to speak.

Ava: Ava, I, uh, My names Ava. Well Avalyn but you can call me whatever you prefer.*I say offering my hand for him to shake but he pushes it away and hugs me quickly before pulling away shyly looking down at the ground in the process*

Mystery Boy: I'm Justin, Justin Drew. Well uh Justin Drew Bieber and I'm not good at conversations can you tell ahaha? * Begins to slowly whisper* But uh I do know you well well enough then you think.

Ava: Well hey Justin Drew nice to meet you aha and no don't stress it your fine you don't need to be open with me you don't know me well enough...wait what did you say?

Justin: I didn't say anything I just said my name?

Ava: Oh I thought you said you knew me?

Justin: uh no? I don't think I did.. anyway why are you out here so late? its two am?

Ava: Why are you?

Justin: Uh, I live here?..I Kinda am loosing or have lost everything.

Ava: Uh same. Well I mean I don't live here exactly but I'm loosing everything too.

Justin: Oh does your mum or dad know where you are?and if your okay. I mean I have a phone it has five percent battery left and 50 cents credit you can borrow it to call your mum or your dad I mean I don't mind. I don't contact anyone I have no-one so you can use it all up or maybe I could give you this five dollar note I found for a bus home. It would be no problem I never leave here this is my...

I silenced him from his nervous mumbling by placing my finger on his lips. He looked at me puzzled but his face softened after he saw the soft smile I as giving him.

Ava: Its okay Justin you don't need to give me anything. I can see your struggling and your nervous lets play 21 questions you know to keep us occupied its freezing and we can get to know each other you know? What do you say?

Justin: I'm sorry for mumbling but you don't understand what its like..but okay yeah why not. Its cool to finally have a friend you start.


A/N hey guys its Lo here I won't use my real name wanna know me tweet at me on twitter @ayokidrxuhl to watch my YouTube videos and also get to know me. I might post video links In here for you to watch and get to know me better :* If you wanna update comment below and share this story around love you guys. Stay safe and keep believing.











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