Justin I need to help you,your spirits fading.

A romantic sexual but upsetting novel about how Avalyn Cassidy Brown is saved by Justin after seeing him one night down by the bridge? But how do angels come back down to Earth before they even made it into heaven? READ ON TO FIND OUT.



2. how it Started




To my dismay I was placed in a generation where everyone relied on sex,drugs and alcohol to get through the night. I was however trying to get away from it.


At home is like a prison for us all me,mum poppy kitty&brodie. I walk down the stairs to see last nights arguement splattered up walls last nights cutlery stabbed into the walls and mums hair lying in clumps where she was most likely dragged up the stairs.


Home life was definitely a lot harder now my dad wasn't around. My dads name was Oakley,Oakley Alexander hence why Poppy's name is Poppy Alexander Brown to take after my dad we changed it a few years back.

My Dad worked for this guy Scooter Braun on 35th street 825th floor near the Hollywood walk,he would go on Long business trips with Scooter looking for work and new projects for there joint business Braun Alexander& Co. They would sample and create new artists for the industry and dads job got really good. Throughout the years scooter had a breakdown from all the stress of the business,so decided to back out and leave. My dad later became wealthier and better in his job and decided to sell up the business and our house and join a stock broker organisation where he could make 25k a day. so we moved from our house just off the back of Times Square to a house in Canada London Ontario.


We left all my family behind my nan was seriously I'll and passed away so this gave me panic attacks my mum lost her 6th baby after nan died probably from stress and my dad decided to stay in Times Square earning more money to get a bigger house a couple of weeks later because our 5 storey house apparently wasn't 'Big enough'. But I shouldn't complain I always got what my dad thought I deserved no more no less I was rich but I wasn't spoilt.

But a week and one day after being in Canada in our new house my dad got in a serious car crash and was put into a Coma,he was in a Coma for 2 months and was in a vegetative state. 3 weeks Into him being in a coma my mum met a new man called Johnny he was quite tall with brown hair and green eyes,very similar to my dad in fact except my dad was Irish so mostly spoke with an Irish accent even though my mum was American I had a hint of both accents. I was only 13 when I met Johnny it took 2 weeks for my mum to decide she was madly in-love with Johnny so he moved into my dads house.

For a 14 old I was smart,I figured mum and dad hadn't actually broke up so questioned mum and she made up a lie that he had died a week ago after he tried 'killing himself' or so that's what she said, but I just knew this wasn't like my dad.

So I took money and quite a lot say 500 out my piggy bank (I'd been saving it from my 50 pound a month from my dad don't worry I'm not spoilt I worked for it and saved) clothes and food in a bag and told my sisters I'd be back in a week. I left and got a flight back to New York to go to hospital to see my dad. When I arrived at the hospital ward my favourite nurse Nurse Andrews who used to look after me when I had my operations to get rid of the bone cancer I had directed me to the 4th floor Elizabethan ward 27th room but when I got there no-one was in the room and all sheets were clean and fresh. I was confused I ran to the reception in the Elizabethan ward and asked where everyone on this ward was but Dr.Nightingale looked at me as though I was to know what this place was.

Dr.N : hunny there's no people left tonight there hasn't been for a while?

Ava: what do you mean this is a hospital I know it's April now but April fools day isn't today it was last week?now where is everyone kate?

Dr.N: Did your mum not tell you? What happens in this ward of the hospital?

Ava:I don't understand what are you saying? Yeah I do all sick people in bad accidents are placed here to get better so they can come home?

Dr.N: I,I,I don't know how to tell you this Avalyn but everyone in this ward is brought here to um..I shouldn't be telling you this I..

Ava: look just drop the excuses and tell me what's going on, please your scaring me!

Dr.N : we done everything possible darling,but he just couldn't pull through. He died last week march the 1st,he was the last death on the ward this week. I truly am sorry.

Ava: I don't understand he.. I-I he came out of his coma he called me and said he loved me, he promised me he was gonna fly out the next day when he gets discharged to come to see me Poppy, Kitty and Brodie. Then he slipped back into a coma an hour later I know this because Nurse um, N-Nurse Andrews called my mum but I picked up because my mum was uh-uh asleep.* in the back of my mind I was thinking just tell her your mum had passed out from Johnny again* but  c-c-can I just go to his room one last time please I,I'

*and with that I burst into tears to think the last time I can feel his presence in by sitting in a room in which he struggled to fight for his life.*

Dr: sure Hunny take as long as you need I'm here all night.

Ava: how did he die? I need to know? Was it in purpose accidental I just I-i need answers.

Dr. N: Ava I don't think this is appropr..

Ava: just tell me and cut the bullshit I need to know this is my mums fault! I won't forgive her.

dr.N: Ava your dad was intoxicated with alcohol driving down the highway when a lorry knocked the side of his car and he spun crashing into a boulevard. All that was left from the wreckage was this..

With that Kate handed me a see through plastic wallet with a watch, his wallet my dads phone and the pendant I bought him with my first £50 I saved back when I was 8. I said thank you and took his stuff into his old room. I walked round running my fingers over the top the bed covers imagining his presence giggling because he was so childish and ticklish. I walked over to the monitor where I could imagine his heart beating fast and my sisters walked into the room to speak to him. I walked to the blinds which showed the rest of the hospital and closed them shut sliding down the wall in the process and bursting into tears. I sat there in the silence listening to myself sobbing as the lights on the outside of the ward turned off and staff went home. I could hear Dr.Nightingale coming towards the room so hid under the bed to be able to stay the night.

Nurse Alexis: Kate are all rooms empty?

Dr.Nightingale: urm last room is room 27 I'll run down and check won't be a minute so don't wait up*Kate/Dr.nightingale opens my dads old room door and automatically shuts the door to come over and sit in front of the bed with her back to me* Look Ava I know your in here but you need to leave here now its been over 7 hours of you being here, come on come out you can't stay in here forever as long as you wish you could darling.

with that I slid out from underneath the the duck egg green sheets to join Kate leaning up against the hospital bed with her hands drooping over her knees.

Ava: Please just let me stay the night tomorrow I promise I'll fly back home and tell mum where I have been if she's awake and okay please Kate.

Dr.N:What do you mean if she's okay is it Johnny?is she okay?and Avalyn you know I can not allow you to stay in the hospital over night? I could lose my job here if they find out. 

Ava: I promise you no security will find me, I'll keep the blinds closed and only go out for food,a drink and the toilet when security is walking round Tudor ward?

Kate: If you tell me about Johnny you can stay on the ward is that a deal?

Ava: Deal but..*but I was cut off by Kate's phone ringing*

Kate: Yes I'm coming I just left my door key in the staffroom, *light mumbling on the other end of the phone heard* No I don't need help finding it give me ten minutes Louise I'm coming, OK bye. Right Ava continue...

Ava: Ever since Johnny and mum got together her was really nice then he switched and started becoming more aggressive and then he got my to play this game that was * a  secret because if i told anybody we wouldn't be aloud to play it any more* but I didn't understand the concept of the game and then..then after a while i, i, he just hit me and played this game but I don't want to talk about it but i just he is violent and sometimes mum wont wake up and *in the distance footsteps were heard and Kate's name was being shouted, I was relieved that Louise had interrupted because then I didn't have to go into depth about the whole situation. Kate chucked her phone under the bed insinuating I should get under there to, she then jumped up dusting herself off grabbing her key she apparently lost out of her pocket to make her excuse look realistic, she then let down pushing the hair out of my eyes and in a rush said, 

Kate:Take my phone and put your number in! my home numbers on there need me call me and i'll come I'll meet you on the second side to the Tudor ward window that has no alarm so you can get out easily okay? No going in cupboards here's 10 bucks for vending machine food and drinks, here's the key for the staff room toilets you know where that is.. I'm doing this because I known you and your dad since you were little and your like my distant little sister and I'm always here okay love you be good stay out of.. 

Louise: Omg Kate have you got them.. wait who were you talking to?

Kate: I was saying why can't my keys stay out of patients rooms they always fall out in there haha..

Louise: I see well lets go? wanna come watch a movie as we go in late tomorrow for work we can stop off and get your stuff on the way to my apartment?

Kate: yeah okay cool 

I sat watching Louise walk out the room first and then Kate walk slowly behind before shutting the door Kate mouthed to me 'Stay safe remember money,key,watch for security and battery lamp and torch is in bedside table love you' I mouthed back love you to and she shut the door soon after you could hear Kate running to catch up with Louise.

I then slowly got up and sat on top of the bed and just lay there taking out the pendant I bought my Dad when I was 8 and clenched it in my hand holding it to my chest. I began to sob as I thought of the times me my dad and sisters had and how he would laugh and pretend to be annoyed at my little sisters to make the laugh like the time Poppy fell in the ditch me daddy *remember Ava is half american half Irish so talks with a mixture of the accent hence why it says me daddy not my ALSO READ IN AN IRISH ACCENT* said ' Ava I told yous to not let Poppy Alexis,Kitty& Brodie near the shuck now Brodie fell in de shuck all her clothes are going to be messy for your Mami' But he couldn't contain he's laughter once he saw how Brodie skidded down the hill into the ditch *Shuck in irish* it looked like cow pat up her white tights so he laughed and the brought us all ice cream. The time we took Kitty swimming for the first time because mum didn't want to and she swam for me to My dad and she hugged him with such excitement and pride she didn't want to let go. The time I was bullied for being rich and not sharing my money,so I didn't leave my house for a year and was put into counselling and my dad would hold me all night till I fell asleep, he still done that even when I recovered from my type of depression but it hurts that he cannot do that any more.. 

I got up and put the pendant around my neck before whispering ' I love you Daidi' I then checked for the security who parole empty wards and discovered that they were nowhere to be seen so ran down the stairs into the Tudor ward on the bottom floor and climbed out the window shutting it behind me. 

I then decided to just walk through the city of New York. I was crossing the road the the little green man turned red,but instead of running I stood in the middle of the crossroads arms spread open looking up to the sky with the rain hammering down on my face and I  just couldn't feel any pain any more. But then I ran. I ran as far as my legs could take me and ended up on the Brooklyn Bridge. I walked to the end and sat on the edge then saw a little trail slope down onto some rocks against the water which was hidden among the branches. I decided to set my bags down on the ledge of the rocks and climbed onto a rock high enough to give the adrenaline rush I needed to get all the anger distress pain and worry out of me. I stood up tall opening my arms and lunged forward diving into the icy winter water. When I rose to the surface I chocked from the shock of how cold the water was and then spat out remaining water from my mouth. I struggled to catch my breathe when  I heard a light whisper amongst the wind 'Don't struggle just breathe and paddle stay calm the waters won't hurt you they'll guide you' I turned around to see who it was and was shocked to see..


A/n yo guys this is my first fanfic what do we think so far you have to read really well to understand the story line soon it's different but so cool trust me.

Hit me up on twitter @ayokidrxuhl

Who has she seen?

Oooh stay tuned and keep believing <3



































































































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