Justin I need to help you,your spirits fading.

A romantic sexual but upsetting novel about how Avalyn Cassidy Brown is saved by Justin after seeing him one night down by the bridge? But how do angels come back down to Earth before they even made it into heaven? READ ON TO FIND OUT. (WARNING THIS STORY CAN BE HIGHLY EMOTIONAL AND DISTRESSING TO ANY EXTRA EMOTIONAL GIRLS THIS STORY IS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD)


5. Do you trust me?


Ava: Okay?

Justin: Is down by the river to cold to stay tonight?

Ava: A little but uh where else could we go?

Justin: Uh I know a little place by 5th avenue? We could uh walk there or get the subway? I mean I still have that five dollars? * he said taking it out of his pocket dangling it in the air in front of my face with a cheeky yet warming smile.*

Ava: Lets get the subway, don't worry Justin I got this I have money on me, I mean before I left I took three hundred pound spare for emergency's.

Justin: Spare? you carry three hundred pound around spare? whoa.. * he said chuckling slightly jogging to keep up with me as I power walked down the subway stairs to catch the tube.

Ava: I'll explain later.

Justin: Okay * he said sitting down opposite me staring at me for a while as I continued to look down*

Ava: What? what is it? is there something on my face.

Justin: nothing? wait Ava can I ask you something?

Ava: Uh sure?

Justin: Do you trust me?

Ava: Uh yeah I guess I mean I don't know you well and haven't known you long at all but them visions they were telling me everyth..

Justin: Okay *He said completely cutting me off as though he wanted me to drop the flashbacks and all events of tonight but I won't forget what is fresh in my mind I'll just ask him later I  thought to myself.

Ava: Uh okay then..

Then it was like I could hear his thoughts. ' ah please don't ask me about the flashbacks it wasn't a meant to happen I just had to stop her from leaving. I mean I don't like being alone. I don't know her well I do because obviously I am.... * then everything he was saying there became muffled and distorted like his own mind didn't know what he was saying and didn't want me to hear even if it did* I shook my head as if to shake the thought from my head to and Justin looked up confused.

Justin: what?

Ava: Uh nothing I was just like hearing..actually don't worry this is our stop.

Justin: okay lets go.


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