Blank Murder Mystery Entry

Short story


1. Short Story.

"Damn this place is a mess," the police officer said. 

"This person is a freak," the other officer replied. 


They examined the room well it was more like an old barn. There were at least six or seven bodies dissembled in this place. Not a single way to even put one body back together, there were animals that were chewing on the bones, and cans where some of the bodies had been dumped. It was bloody and very gross. One of the officers leaned over and puked because it was so gross. 


"Freeze!" A mysterious voice said. 

The officers turned around and drew their weapons, but it was to late. The murderer shot both cops in the chest and left them there to die. 


The couple looked at each other and knew they had to get rid of the evidence, they tortured the barn and ran. 

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