Its All Ok

Sophia is an 16 year old orphan. She has dreams about her life after being stranded. Most of these dreams include a older brother Liam. Is this all a dream or is this real life flashbacks


7. The Doctors

"Wake up Sophia" a faint voice whispered

I squinted my eyes to see Harry

"Good morning" I smiled

"You and Liam are going to the doctors today"


"The DNA test"

"Oh ya" I said getting up

He smiled and then kissed me on the cheek. He lefties the room and told me too get ready. I came out to see everyone sitting at the table eating. I sat down next to Harry.

"Under the sea under the sea " Louis sang

"So in guessing you heard the movie" I laughed

He nodded. Liam got up and got me some breakfast

"Here you go" he said

"Thank you" I smiled

After eating we cleaned up. Liam told me it was time to go. We got in the car and started for the doctors.

"I have a question" I confessed

"Ya what is it" he replied.

"If I'm not your sister will you be glad"

"Of corse not if you are you where the only reason I started singing. You always loved me singing and said I should be famous. I took your word to heart"

"Oh thanks"

For the rest of the way we where silent.

Liam parked in the front of the giant building. Inside the lady at the front desk was quickly typing on her keyboard

"Hello Liam the doctor is ready. Room 39" the lady said without looking up from the computer.

"She is always creepy like that" he laughed

"I bet she has eyes on the top of her head" I giggled

We walked down a long hallway until they reacted a room with the numbers 39 on it. Liam pushed open the door and we both sat down at a table. A doctor ran in fumbling papers on his clip board.

"You must be Liam Payne and Sophia..." The doctor stopped in hesitation.

"You didn't put a last name Sophia" he said clearing he's throat.

"I don't have one I'm an orphan" I announced loudly.

A weird silence broke out.

"Can we just get on with the damn blood test" Liam said annoyed

"Yes I'm sorry" the doctor said grabbing a needle from the table.

The doctor rolled up my sleeve and stuck the needle in my arm. I cringed and grabbed Liam's arm. He saw that I had a fear of them and gave my a warm hug. The doctor but the vile and moved on to Liam. He had no reaction and started blankly at the wall. The doctor took the blood into another room for testing.

The doctor came back with a folder and set it down on the table.

"Would you like me to announce the news or you can look yourselves " he asked

"You"I said with a terrifying look on my face. I plugs ears and dig my face into Liam's warm sweater.

Liam lightly taps on my shoulder to get my attention. It worked because I slowly lifted my head up a put my hands down. The doctor and Liam have a very sad face. A tear slowly starts to roll down my face.

"We'll Sophia I don't know how to say this........

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