Its All Ok

Sophia is an 16 year old orphan. She has dreams about her life after being stranded. Most of these dreams include a older brother Liam. Is this all a dream or is this real life flashbacks


5. One Direction

"Boys we need you to finish the show" a guard yelled

Harry, Louis, and Zayn walked out but Niall was still talking to Lily.

"Stay here until the show is over" Liam said walking away.

He turned and came up to the guard and whispered something. The guard nodded and grabbed Niall and walked out.

"Lily" I yelled trying to get her attention

"Lily" I yelled again.

Lily was just sitting on the couch day dreaming.

"He said I was beautiful" Lily finally spoke up

"Sorry to burst your bubble but I think he says that to every fan"

"No no no he meant it"


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Niall's POV~~~~~~~~

I can't pay attention my mind is filled with Lily. Her hair. Her eyes. I think I'm in love. I hope she likes me back. I looked down at all the fans and saw Lilys face on all of them.

I had to finish this show. I struggled through the rest , not playing the guitar.

Once the currents closed I took off my mic and ran to the back. Lily and the other girl where sitting on the couch.

"Hi girls" I said

"Hi I'm Sophia" the girl said

"Hi" Lily said

The rest if the boys came in.

"Can me and Sophia talk alone" Liam announced.

The rest of us filled out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sophia POV~~~~~~~~~~

Me and Liam sat down at the table.

"Where did you get that" Liam asked

"I have had it for as long as I can remember"

"How do you know that in connected with that"

I explained my dreams and how I could be his sister.

"I did have a sister but she was killed in a car accident" he said

"All a lie please believe me"

"I need more proof"

I pulled out my necklace and gave it to him. His eyes got wide.

"Is that enough proof for you Wiam" i said

"Where do you live " he asked wiping away his tears

"An orphanage with Lily"

"You two can live with me until we get DNA results"

" Aren't you going on tour"


"Where will we live"

" we have an extra room with two beds"

Liam gets up and walks outside to explain everything to everyone. Lily and Niall hugged.

"We need to go back to the orphanage " I explained.

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