Its All Ok

Sophia is an 16 year old orphan. She has dreams about her life after being stranded. Most of these dreams include a older brother Liam. Is this all a dream or is this real life flashbacks


6. Love is in the air

After getting the ok from the orphanage we packed or stuff and headed towards the bus. Harry was waiting outside for us he grabbed our bags

"Thank you"Lily said

"Anything you two lovely ladies" he said winking at me.

We got into our rooms and got comfy. Harry walked in.

"In sorry I haven't properly introduced myself I'm Harry Styles and you are"

"Oh hi I'm Lily" she said

"Hi I'm Sophia" I said looking into his eyes

"I'm gonna go get some food you guys talk some more " Lily said getting up

Harry sat down on my bed. He slowly scooted closer to me.

"So you might be Liam's sister" he asked

"Yup or well I hope" I joked

"Haha ya I'm want to tell you that" Harry said

"Sophia Harry want to play some board games with us" Liam interrupted

"Ok" I yelled"you can tell me later"

Me and Harry walked into the living room to see tons if board game. We all sit down in a circle.

Across the circle Lily and Niall were holding hands. Louis looked at the like he was going to throw up. We all burst out into laughter.

"Ok ok let's play Apples to Apples" Zayn said trying to hold in his laughter.

We set up and got everyone cards.

"Sophia you go first" Harry said

"But I want to go"Louis pouted

"That's fine" I looked at Harry

Louis pulled over a green card. The card was Romantic. Once all the cards were in Louis read them off.

"The titanic, chocolate,roses, kisses, teddy bears, and chicken nuggets"

Everyone looked at Niall.

"It wasn't me I put roses but that was pretty funny" he laughed

"Then who put that" Louis asked

Liam rose his hand. We all burst out into laughter. We played for 2 more hours. At 11 o'clock we all went to bed. I tossed and turned all night and couldn't sleep. I got up an went to the living room to watch tv. A door creaked open and Harry walked in.

"What are you doing up love" he asked

"Oh nothing I just can sleep"i moaned

"Me too do you want some food"

"Sure why not"

We walked into the tiny kitchen and open the tiny fridge. The light hit his eyes so perfectly my heart melted. The light turned off and he handed me a juice box and started popping popcorn.

We came into the living room and I sat down.

"What do you want to watch" he asked

"Ummm how about Disney" I replied

"Cool what about the little mermaid"

"Haha ok but one question"


"Why do you have the collectors edition"

"Ohh that's Niall's"

"Sure" I laughed

When the movie started Harry yawned and put his arm around me. I snuggled in closer. His warm body kept me warm through out the movie. Not keep ping track of time I fell asleep.

"Wake up honey" Harry's sweet voice sang

"Oh I'm sorry about that" I apologized

"There's nothing to be sorry about"

"Your sweet"

"Thanks you are to"

"What about that thing you where going to tell me"

"Oh yah that... It was that I really like you"

I blushed"I like you too"

We got up and I walked to my room. At the door way Harry hugged me and kissed me on the forehead.

"Goodnight" he whispered

"Goodnight" I whispered back

I fell asleep thinking about Harry that night

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