Its All Ok

Sophia is an 16 year old orphan. She has dreams about her life after being stranded. Most of these dreams include a older brother Liam. Is this all a dream or is this real life flashbacks


3. London

The lady led me and Lily up to this big room.

"This will be your room " the lady said

This room was bigger than my old room and this only holds 2 people not 10. Lily pulls posters and tape out of her bag. She starts tapping 1D posters all over.

"I'm guessing you like 1D" I asked

"Nooooo" she said sarcastically

"I love them too. Some times I have dreams that I'm Liam's sister"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lilys POV~~~~~~~~

I laughed and looked at Sophia. She was tall had long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

"You do look a lot like him" I joked

We laughed and continued unpacking. On our beds was a paper explaining rules and times. One paper said the size of your birthday gift is based on how well you behaved. That's weird. The next paper was about touring London. It said you must be 16 or older to go out but you must have a friend with you at all times.

"Hay Sophia look at this" I said pointing to the paper.

she yelled "what are we waiting around here for let's go"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sophia's POV~~~~~~~

We made our way to the lady's office and asked if we could go. She explained the rules and let us out.

We went through all the stores and some other cool places.

"My old orphanage would of never done anything like this" I said

"Same" she laughed

There was this giant building with the words One Direction all over it.


"May 2nd is my birthday I could ask for tickets" I offered

"OMG YESSS SOPHIA YESSS"Lily still yelled

"Ok calm down I forgot to ask , who is your favorite"

"Niall duhh who is yours"

"Umm I like Liam because he might be my brother and I love Harry. Those green eyes and curly hair makes my heart melt"

"Doesn't everyone"

We laughed and talked on the way home. We ran upstairs and went to bed.

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