Its All Ok

Sophia is an 16 year old orphan. She has dreams about her life after being stranded. Most of these dreams include a older brother Liam. Is this all a dream or is this real life flashbacks


1. Help?

BOOM was the sound of a gun shot. My brother ran into my room picked me up and ran into the closet. Under the closet door shadows of big black shoes walked past. 3 hours later my brother got up and told me to stay there. 5 minutes went past with no sign of my brother. I got so scared I peed my pants. A moment later he came back and told me to come with him.

Walking into the kitchen my brother covered my eyes. I pulled away and saw on the ground my dead parents. I dropped to the ground crying.

"Wiam who would do this" I seeped ( Wiam is my brother Liam)

"Very bad people Sophia" Liam said (I'm Sophia if u didn't guess)

"Let's go they might be coming back" he said

"Wait I need to grab something" I said running upstairs

I grabbed my necklace and Liam's man bracelet and ran back down stairs.

BOOM the sound of another gun shot went off.


"AHHHHH" I woke up screaming.

A pillow comes hurdling to my face.

"SOPHIA GO SLEEP IN THE BASEMENT" A girl screamed across the room.

"Why" I asked

"Why don't you ask Wiam" the girl mocked

I grabbed my pillow and placket. I slowly opened the door. SHOOT I FORGOT MY NECKLACE. I slammed the door.

"Go NOW" the girl yelled

I ran to my desk and picked up my necklace. I grabbed a lump covered in cloth too. I picked up my stuff and headed down stairs.

When I got down their I laid my stuff down in my special spot. I have to sleep down their a lot.

I unwrapped the cloth to see a silver bracelet. A tear ran down my face. Im a 16 year old girl I don't need to be in this orphanage now. That thought was the only thing to help me get through the night.

I woke up to a punch in my gut.

"What did you do that for" I tried saying with all the pain coming from my gut.

"You think Liam Payne from One Direction is your brother"she said angrily

"No I don't "

"Sure tell that to your dreams"

She got up a stared me in the eyes

"Breakfast is ready" she said

I was getting up when the girl slapped me across the face. I was lying on the ground in pain. I'm worthless. I pulled a bowl out from the corner of the room. In the bowl was a blade. I cut deep into my skin and let the blood drip into the bowl. I wiped it up and gathered my things. I made it up stairs when I noticed. Oh shoot my necklace. I set my stuff down and run downstairs. IT WAS GONE.

I ran upstairs and went straight to the girl.

"Do you like my new jewelry" she said showing of my necklace and bracelet

"Give it back " I yelled

"Can't we share it"

"No give it back now"

"What if I don't wanna"

"You have to"

"Over my dead body"

"That can be arranged"

The girl starts laughing. "Nows your chance punch her" a voice inside my head said. "But that will get me kicked out"I mumbled

"Now she is talking to herself this just gets better and better" the girl said still laughing

Without hesitation I threw a punch to her face. Luckily I was strong enough to knock her out. I grabbed my stuff including the bracelet and necklace. The girl was still lieing there. She almost look ... OMG did I just kill her. I started towards the door than all of a sudden the Nannie came in. She took me into another room.

"Why did you do that"she demanded

"I had to" I answered

"No you didn't"


"I'm going to have to transfer you to a new orphanage"

"Cool where "

"I don't know all the details but all I know that it is in London"

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