Its All Ok

Sophia is an 16 year old orphan. She has dreams about her life after being stranded. Most of these dreams include a older brother Liam. Is this all a dream or is this real life flashbacks


4. Birthday

"Happy Birthday Sophia"'Lily yelled jumping on top of me.

I managed to push her off. Today I was 17 and one more year I was out of her. Lily already had hers and got $500. That's crazy !

Me and lily got dressed in matching outfits and ran downstairs.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA" everyone yelled

They rolled out an envelope and a cake.

"Lily do you see that" i whispered

"Yah " she whispered back

"It's so beautiful"

"It's chocolate"

"No the envelope dumpo"

We giggled and then the lady handed me the envelope. I tore the top of and grab whatever was on the inside. Before I was able to read what it was Lily screamed. Right then I knew what it was I looked down to she two tickets and wait what's that behind the tickets..... BACKSTAGE PASS.

After we finished the cake me and Lily ran up stairs to get ready.

"OMG OMG OMG"Lily screamed

"Clam down " I said



We both calmed down a little bit and got ready. At 6 pm we made our way down to the stadium. The man in all black led us to our seats.

"So when do you want to meet 1D" I asked Lily

"Umm how about at the part in the middle where they take a break" she said

I looked in my purse and pulled out and empty box. I put it back in my purse and looked at my wrist to see the sliver bracelet.


"Wiam where are you going" I asked

"I have to go and might not see you for awhile " he said with a tear rolling down his face

"Please don t go I'll miss you" I said as Liam got on the bus

The buss started to pull away. I forgot to give Liam his bracelet. I pulled it out of my pocket and ran toward him with it. He saw me and put his hand up to the window. The bus was to fast and turned the corner.

"Now that he's gone we can move" my terrible aunt said

"Move where" I asked

"The USA"


"Your uncle found a better job and there are tons of orphanages there"

"Wait what"

My aunt grabbed me and walked away.


"Sophia are you ok" a faint voice in the background said

I shook my head and caught up with reality.

"You ok" she asked

"No" I said trying to hold my tears in

Lily hugged me " was it another past thought thing "

"Yah" I weeped

"Here have some cotton candy" Lily said handing me the bag.

The lights went out and music started to play. Me and Lily got up and danced to a Midnight Memories and cried at Half a Heart. Half way through the concert the lights turned on. Lily tugged on my shirt.

We made our way to the backstage doors and the security guards lead us to a room with tons of other girls. I took of the bracelet and put it I the box. The door open and there walked in 5 people. They went around talking to people. Liam came up to me and Lily.

"Hi girls how is your day"he asked

"Umm I have to give you something" I said handing him the box.

He stared at it for a few moments and the room became silent.

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