Dangerous Love


1. Neon Lights

I swiftly walked across the room, dodging obstacles through the dark strip club. My eyes wandered throughout the tables, I noticed a new set of customers, they sent a different vibe; dangerous. I disregarded this feeling and made my way to the group of professional men in suits and pulled out my notepad.

"Would you like something to drink?" I asked in a slightly intimidated voice.

My voice must have sounded vulnerable as hell since the man who responded smirked "Yes" he said, glancing at my body up and down.

My eyes immediately drifted to the powerful velvety voice, it was deep and slightly raspy. His deep voice matched his image, his piercing green eyes were mesmerizing in a terrifying way, his hair lay in a perfect disarray of curls and his body was lithe and powerful... Tall and comprised of powerful muscles.

"Bring two vodka bottles" he ordered amused, analysing my body language. At this point my heart was fluttering wildly and he knew it completely, gaining private satisfaction of my fear.

"O-okay" I stuttered, turning on my heel. A dark chuckle came from behind me and I felt vulnerable. This man's presence held authority and as soon as he talked all the others paid attention, he was important and I didn't understand why.

I continued staring at him, observing his interaction with others while I pulled out ice, drink and cups. They feared him. I knew that, it was simply a fact.

Quickly his head turned, catching my stare. His eyes locked with mine and he cocked his eyebrow up, laughing at my shocked expression. I didn't need any more time, so I made my way over to the table, setting the drinks in the middle.

A large hand gripped my wrists and pulled me closer. "I don't want those strippers up there" he whispered hotly into my ear, "I just want you".

His fingertips skimmed across my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps from his touch. "I don't know what you're talking about" I murmured.

"Don't be so naïve love, you know what I said" he said chucking, "the names Harry" he smirked. "Elisa" I said in response.

His lips pursed together, racking up something clever he would say. "I want to see you" he said simply.

Harry went on, still holding my wrist in his hand, his arm tugged my body against his, "Soon" he promised, leaving his hot breath on my skin.

"I'll make sure to stay in touch" he told me, smiling at my fearful expression. His strong fingers let go and he walked back to his table. I didn't notice, my back was pressed against the wall and my breathing was erratic. This man named Harry was lethal, something about him told me that I should stay away, and that's what I would do.

I continued to do my job of delivering drinks but my eyes continuously darted to Harry and his men observing his moves, how his hand would hold the small glass and his index finger would swirl small circles in the drink. Each time I had to break away from my trance, refusing to be caught.

The night went on and his colleagues or whatever they were enjoyed the night. Whistling at the strippers appreciatively, but Harry? His eyes followed my every move as he sat at a far table, ignoring the strippers completely.

It seemed as time went at an agonizingly slow pace, his presence suffocating my every move. Slowly but surely customers left and it was time to close.

I gathered my belongings and began to walk away from the building "Hey there love" a velvety voice called. My body instantly froze. He was waiting.

Harry stood there his daunting figure, standing casually against the wall. His right leg held his weight and his left was pressed against the wall.

"I told you I would wait for you" he said analysing his fingers. I gulped, unaware of what I should do, "is there... Uhm, anything you need?" I asked stupidly.

"There is, actually..." He said looking up amused. His eyes held a twinkle and for a minute I was interested in what he wanted to say.

He got up from his testing position and made his way toward me, I stumbled back a bit as he pressed his body to mine, his hips grinding roughly against my own. Harry brought his pink lips down slowly, skimming them across my cheek. My body tensed as he went close to my lips but he stopped, leaving a soft kiss on my cheek.

"I want you to go on a date with me" he said pulling away to look into my eyes, he brought up his hand slowly, pulling a strand of hair out of my face and tucking it behind my ear.

"No" I whispered. "No?" He laughed, tossing his head back.

"Just remember that I always get what I want, keep that in mind" he said smoothly.

His hands had gotten tighter against my hips, his thumbs had held them in place roughly. I squirmed a bit and he noticed, looking down and rubbed circles with his thumbs.

"Just know that you're coming with me babe" he stated. He let go and fixed his suit, before running a hand through his curls and walked away.

What have I gotten myself into? The pulse of my heart pounded in my ears, my body was reacting to the fear caused by him and of course the feeling of his touch. I inhaled deeply, composing myself before I made my way to the car, starting my ignition and driving home.

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