Life, Knowledge and Poetry

This collection is a new selection of Ghazals that explains the author’s reflections. A spiritual journey and a mystic’s way fare going through the steps of mysticism and gnosis explained in poetry.

If you want to read about ancient profound spirituality and philosophically insightful modernized poetry, a method of spirituality which is practiced even today to achieve peace, harmony and success, revived with an up to date linguistic and freshness, these poems will inspire you.

The poetry aims and desires to let the booklover comprehend those modifications within one in order to grow into a manifestation of noble qualities and void oneself of vices.

The poems are categorized into a couple of stages that lead to the final goal of the drunkards (mystics – those who are drunk in love) – human perfection and the meeting with their Loved One...


4. Step Three - Repentance

Why trouble thinking about forgiveness?

Forget Christmas, forget your minds stiffness
just ponder about your private feelings
when you are hurt, a sorry removes the illness

Go back in olden times and be fair
think of those who had bad deeds to share
what happened to them in the end
all the riches, all the palaces, the stones and papers, became dust and air

Some regret they could not repent
actions once done, cannot always be unspent
and this is why people end in hell
it burns their heart, it burns them in present

You have come so far dear one
with blessings, and a wish to change your look at the sun
awaken by your inner clock and firm will
ask from me, forgiveness is My skill, My favorite one

What you have done in the past
feel regret in your core is what is asked
it’s enough with an inner Ah or Oh
now your book of deed is cleaned miraculously fast

But hey mister, what you owe others
you got to pay back one after another
If not possible or there’s fear of violence
then charity is the key, name the other

What if you still burn inside?
Revenge, you won’t forgive nor forget what they replied
yes what’s out of the mouth cannot be taken back
forgive, FORGET, free at last, now it’s you We can guide




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