Life, Knowledge and Poetry

This collection is a new selection of Ghazals that explains the author’s reflections. A spiritual journey and a mystic’s way fare going through the steps of mysticism and gnosis explained in poetry.

If you want to read about ancient profound spirituality and philosophically insightful modernized poetry, a method of spirituality which is practiced even today to achieve peace, harmony and success, revived with an up to date linguistic and freshness, these poems will inspire you.

The poetry aims and desires to let the booklover comprehend those modifications within one in order to grow into a manifestation of noble qualities and void oneself of vices.

The poems are categorized into a couple of stages that lead to the final goal of the drunkards (mystics – those who are drunk in love) – human perfection and the meeting with their Loved One...


8. Pondering Pond

Without a teacher a thousand mile
a hole, misguidance from my Lover in exile
in this jail cell you call fun for a few days
I find work, hardship and suffering just for the American lifestyle

What is true success, what is true happiness?
Things that drive me to craziness, dizziness and badness?
Illegal works, misdeeds, immoral character and foul mouths
this is not my world, not my easiness

Oh where is our Joseph and where is our savior?
Hiding behind clouds like the sun giving life monitoring our behavior?
Jesus is alive, but only within a few
guide me to you less you want me to be this failure!

Life is meant for more than being this slave of an ass
working for position, power and pointless breathing others gas
Life is meant to be enjoyed
this must be a question for the master’s class

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