Life, Knowledge and Poetry

This collection is a new selection of Ghazals that explains the author’s reflections. A spiritual journey and a mystic’s way fare going through the steps of mysticism and gnosis explained in poetry.

If you want to read about ancient profound spirituality and philosophically insightful modernized poetry, a method of spirituality which is practiced even today to achieve peace, harmony and success, revived with an up to date linguistic and freshness, these poems will inspire you.

The poetry aims and desires to let the booklover comprehend those modifications within one in order to grow into a manifestation of noble qualities and void oneself of vices.

The poems are categorized into a couple of stages that lead to the final goal of the drunkards (mystics – those who are drunk in love) – human perfection and the meeting with their Loved One...


7. Masters Second Gathering

I am no master but a servant
with complete faith in me, I am your observant
I will never force you nor will I leave you free
my job is to enlighten, inform and warn you of the serpent

I have had teachers of my own
been wayfaring, like you, wanted to grow
Started from scratch, went to light and back to earth
now my journey tells me to travel with you to luminosity that glows

We must work with ourselves and our inner
the battle within, good vs bad, can make us thinner
but what really matters the most
the outcome of it must be us as winners

Now I am going to reveal things to you
It’s something you have to look into
I’m not showing of myself, my deeds or my qualities
but just as you, even I have sinless stars I look up to

They, the drunkards fast twice a week
mouths shut, gold is what they only speak
you might have seen Sufis and dancers and the likes
but we stay true to the laws, though we are filled with mystique

They, the lovers remember their Beloved all day
while being in midst of public they enjoy sharing their spiritual soufflé
some are frightened and scared of these simpletons in appearance
goals they have, let others taste what they taste, smoking the good stuff(water pipe) in His café

But listen to their great songs during the silent midnights
it’s the greatest time to drop tears, it’s the spiritual height
here they expose themselves, they share secrets
it’s here nobody hears, except The hearer of hearts, what the fallen ones recite

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