Life, Knowledge and Poetry

This collection is a new selection of Ghazals that explains the author’s reflections. A spiritual journey and a mystic’s way fare going through the steps of mysticism and gnosis explained in poetry.

If you want to read about ancient profound spirituality and philosophically insightful modernized poetry, a method of spirituality which is practiced even today to achieve peace, harmony and success, revived with an up to date linguistic and freshness, these poems will inspire you.

The poetry aims and desires to let the booklover comprehend those modifications within one in order to grow into a manifestation of noble qualities and void oneself of vices.

The poems are categorized into a couple of stages that lead to the final goal of the drunkards (mystics – those who are drunk in love) – human perfection and the meeting with their Loved One...


6. Masters first gathering

You have one lifespan so plan it well
then you might get into your heart things you could tell
the free roaming and wasting time
benefits not those who find gold within their brain cells

What you need is what you need
ask your figure and ask your soul, what makes them happy, what makes them bleed?
Now be seated and schedule your days
how much sleep, how much studies and how much fun materiel

See, people wise would not lose a second
Never sacrifice an hour of studies on fun nor an hour of fun on studies I reckon
now isn’t this worth learning from
listen to your body, listen to your soul, now this is the first lesson

Your body is different and it depends on whom you are
some are born strong, some weak and some like stars
that’s why you might need 8 and others 7 hours of sleep
and you might eat a bit more and others just a snack bar

8 hours of rest and sleep
the same amount of studying or working cheap?
Then what do you have left again?
8 hours of family, friends and books to keep

What to study in the spare time
the teacher tells so please write this down with a rhyme
where you came from, what to do and where you will go
about correct worldview, history to learn from and practical rules from the Sublime

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