Life, Knowledge and Poetry

This collection is a new selection of Ghazals that explains the author’s reflections. A spiritual journey and a mystic’s way fare going through the steps of mysticism and gnosis explained in poetry.

If you want to read about ancient profound spirituality and philosophically insightful modernized poetry, a method of spirituality which is practiced even today to achieve peace, harmony and success, revived with an up to date linguistic and freshness, these poems will inspire you.

The poetry aims and desires to let the booklover comprehend those modifications within one in order to grow into a manifestation of noble qualities and void oneself of vices.

The poems are categorized into a couple of stages that lead to the final goal of the drunkards (mystics – those who are drunk in love) – human perfection and the meeting with their Loved One...


2. Further Awakening

Question the ancient about their past

did they sense the starvation, did they fast?
When you know there is famine and poverty
Aren’t you then touched, to work to eradicate this global system of caste?

Some go before birth, others when they reach sixty
There’s no cure for death so why don’t your learn gypsy
this is not the abode, we are all guests
what we take with us in graves, is bodies filthy

There is another truth and reality
a whole other world behind all this brutality
you see wars, you see lack of mercy and no love
You pray to beyond physical, you pray for normality

My dear friend you inner screams mortality and everlasting
ballet your way to perfection is not outlasting
ask the dancer herself
through her ceaseless troubles, distress and efforts, her flawlessness is lasting

Plato spoke about shadows in the cave
unprejudiced question yourself, what if there is an abyss after grave?
Fear not; pursue books and masters
if there is naught, wisdom you in your chest have engraved




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