Styles x 4

Three boys:harry Edward and marcel styles! One girl:chloe styles Chloe styles is the sister of the styles triplets harry Edward and marcel.harry is the heartthrob Edward is the punk and marcel is a nerd!their mum died when chloe was just 2 years old and the boys were just 3! Leaving the boys in charge!


3. the new girl

Chloe's pov:

I went to my next lesson which was English with miss pinpell!harry was In this class yay!i walked into the class to see a new face she was staring right at me!she had bright red hair(obviously died as her roots were black!)and menacing blue eyes.i went to sit with Harry at the I sat down her eyes turned darker and she looked angry and slightly.....jealous?i don't know who this bitch is but she ain't no better than me I stood up looking right at her and screamed "bitches ain't shit!so come at me bro!"in her face!

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