Styles x 4

Three boys:harry Edward and marcel styles! One girl:chloe styles Chloe styles is the sister of the styles triplets harry Edward and marcel.harry is the heartthrob Edward is the punk and marcel is a nerd!their mum died when chloe was just 2 years old and the boys were just 3! Leaving the boys in charge!


2. school!

Chloe's pov:


"Chloe baby you gotta get GET YOUR ARSE UP NOW!!!!!!" I woke up to see Edward standing in my room with his arms folded"god how many times do I have to ask you to get up before you actually get up?"he asked raising his eyebrows "erm.....about five?" I smirked sassily "hahahahahaha that's why I never wake her up!" Harry called from the hall aahhhh Harry I love you! Any way time to get up I shoved Edward out of my room and picked a red plaid shirt and white tank top with black skinny jeans and a grey beanie. I left my hair down and grabbed my white converse.

I went down stairs to see Harry and Edward in the kitchen eating and marcel tieing his nikes he finished and looked up at me and smiled I returned it and helped him up we went to the kitchen and told the boys to hurry up I grabbed my iPhone 4s (what it's a good phone!)and we left for Harry's black land rover Harry ed sat in the front and me and marcel sat in the back together and chatted you see he maybe a nerd but he's really nice when you talk to him but no one knows this because they don't talk to him they just bully him and I think it's cruel!really cruel

We got to school and hopped out and were greeted by the usual crowd of populars to be honest I didn't even know half of their names I realised some of them bullying marcel and others just pretending he didn't exist I grabbed marcels hand and pushed all the idiots out the way and pulled him through with me he looked at me like I was crazy but hey! I am!we went to our lockers and got our stuff you see our lockers are all in a line it goes:marcel me Harry Edward. My first lesson was history with miss shorter!all the boys are in this class!yay

We walked to class and when we got there I screamed CARROTS!!!!!! As load as I possible could(oh I forgot to say I'm a rebel and class clown lol!) Harry and Edward ran up to me and hugged me "we didn't know where you went!" Exclaimed Harry "sorry" me and marcel replied in unison we all sat in the row at the back together! A few others came to sit with us but I didn't take any notice of them at all me and Harry were talking about how most of the kids in this school are idiots and would do anything for popularity when miss shouted "chloe styles what did I just say!?!" I shrugged "dunno?" She went red in the face "well maybe if you weren't talking you would have heard me!" Pfffftt "yeah?well maybe if you weren't so boring I would have listened!" A chorus of ooooohhhhh's went around the room whilst I just sat there smirking "that's it your getting on call" she said calmly pfffffttt who cares? "YESS!" (An on call is some thing they do at my school a senior member of staff removes you from class and takes you to the head teacher you also get 90 minutes after school and you parents get a phone call I know it's harsh right?!) Paul came in and smiled at me "sooo we meet again do we chloe?" "Hey Paul!" I call him Paul but everyone else calls him by his teacher name so they are all like "hey mr goldfinch!"Haha lol!you see Paul and me get on well he doesn't take me for real on calls if I get on call he makes sure he comes for me then he lets me play on my phone for the rest of the period!i know he's awesome right! I jumped up and screamed "see ya later suckerrz!" Paul just chuckled and we left with everyone laughing we went to Paul's office in the hub(a building at the back of the school for us troubled students!) and I sat and played on my phone I got bored so I texted Harry instead! Convosation: h:Harry c:chloe



C:I'm bored

H:haha me too

C:Paul left :(

H:where did he go?

C:to get someone for on call



H:g2g luv ya xx

C:luv ya 2 :)

I put my phone in my pocket and as if on cue the bell went.sick!

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