Styles x 4

Three boys:harry Edward and marcel styles! One girl:chloe styles Chloe styles is the sister of the styles triplets harry Edward and marcel.harry is the heartthrob Edward is the punk and marcel is a nerd!their mum died when chloe was just 2 years old and the boys were just 3! Leaving the boys in charge!


5. I'm in trouble!

Chloe's pov:

when we got home Edward spun round and glared at me. Shit I am in sooo much trouble right now. He slowly walked towards me clenching his fists, anger clear in his face. When he was right in front of me Harry told him to leave me alone. He wouldn't listen. He was still staring at me. Then he relaxed. "Chloe what's wrong with you?" He asked calmly. What's wrong with me!?! " what do you mean what's wrong with me!?! You're the one that smokes, you're the one that skips class, you're the one that does and deals drugs, and most of all you're the one that has been suspended 28 TIMES!!!!" I yelled jheeeez he gets on my nerves! The anger returned to his eyes and Harry and marcel looked like the had just been slapped in the face, with a car. Oops they didn't know any of that! Edward made me promise not to tell! I'm done for! " YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDNT TELL ANYONE! I CANT EVEN TRUST YOU ANYMORE! YOUVE CHANGED SO MUCH CHLOE, THIS ISNT EVEN YOU! WE DIDNT RAISE YOU TO BE LIKE THIS! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SWEET LITTLE GIRL WHO LOVED PINK AND WOULD CRAWL INTO LAP WHEN SHE WAS SCARED OR WOULD ASK TO SLEEP IN YOUR BED IF SHE THOUGHT YOU WERE SAID OR IF SHE HAD HAD A NIGHTMARE!?! SHE WAS SO SWEEET AND I LOVED HER SO MUCH SHE MEANT THE WORLD TO ME! WAIT, SCRAP THAT, SHE WAS MY WORLD BUT NOW SHES GONE AND SHES BEEN REPLACED BY YOU AND EVERYTHING IS FUCKED UP! THATS WHY J DO THE THINGS I DO BECAUSE BLAME MYSELF FOR YOU CHANGE!" Wow, I didn't know he felt that way......."WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU 'LOVED' HER!?!ARE YOU SAYING YOU DONT LOVE ME NOW? JUST BECAUSE OF I GREW UP? AND AS FAR AS I REMEMBER, YOU WERENT THERE WHEN WE NEEDED YOU THE MOST! AND WHAT ABOUT THAT TIME I WAS ILL AND IN HOSPITAL? YOU DIDNT COME THEN! YOU WERE TO BUSY OUT WITH YOUR MATES SO DONT BLAME THIS ON ME!!!!" He looked shocked and this his face slowly slipped into confusion. " YOU WERE NEVER IN HOSPITAL THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU APART FROM THE WAY YOU ACT!" Is he actually serious right now!?! "YES I WAS IN HOSPITAL!?! MY SUICIDE ATTEMPT? REMEBER THAT!?! NO! YOU DONT! COZ YOU WERENT THERE!" His face dropped. " you attempted suicide?" He asked wait he didn't know? I looked at the boys who had complete guilt on their faces " marcel, I told you to tell him and you said when you did he dindnt want to come?" Marcel looked down at the floor then he mumbled " I didn't tell him coz I knew he would blame us for it and I was also kinda jealous of how close you to were aim so sorry!" I spun on my heels and ran up the stairs to my room and locked the door. How could he do this to me?

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