Styles x 4

Three boys:harry Edward and marcel styles! One girl:chloe styles Chloe styles is the sister of the styles triplets harry Edward and marcel.harry is the heartthrob Edward is the punk and marcel is a nerd!their mum died when chloe was just 2 years old and the boys were just 3! Leaving the boys in charge!


9. Harry??

Chloe's pov:


I ran through endless corridors looking for the room. What had the nurse said? 305? I found the door and walked in to see something I wished I never had. Harry was standing over a bloody marcel, smirking. Marcels body was limp and his head was rolled to one side with his lifeless, glass eyes staring at me. I tried to scream but no sound came, What is going on!?! I turned around to run and get help only to find the door was locked with the nurse from earlier smiling whilst holding the key. I looked at him with pleading eyes but he just smugly shook his head no and walked away. I pounded my fists on the door screaming, begging for some one to let me out when his voice whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.


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