Styles x 4

Three boys:harry Edward and marcel styles! One girl:chloe styles Chloe styles is the sister of the styles triplets harry Edward and marcel.harry is the heartthrob Edward is the punk and marcel is a nerd!their mum died when chloe was just 2 years old and the boys were just 3! Leaving the boys in charge!


12. 305

Chloe's pov:



Three hours. We have been waiting here for three hours. Hear chairs are uncomfortable as hell and I've read every book in the room and now my phones dead. IM SO BORED! I can tell harry and ed are to by the way they were slouching in their chairs almost about to fall asleep. They are so much alike! Eventually a doctor came up to us and I've never been to happy in my life but his face looked so sad."can I see my brother now?" I asked desperately because I swear that if he says now I'm gonna scream so loud it will make his head explode! He looked unsure but said "yes, you can but I must warn you that he is not in a very good condition so we had to put him into an induced coma. He may or may not wake up. I'm very sorry." And with that he walked away. Wait, so he means, marcel could.........die!?! I spun round to see Edward crying with his head in his hands and Harry looked like he had just been slapped in the face, with a chair. I walked over to him and hugged him as the tears started to fall from my eyes. He hugged me back really tightly and I could hear him sniffing I looked up at him as a tear rolled down his cheek. He looked down at me then to Edward who said "we should probably go see him or he will think we don't care" I nodded and walked in the same direction the doctor had towards marcels room but when I got there it was the door number that got me.305. 

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