Life Of A Witch

Sabrina Wells; an orphan, a teenager, a waitress, a student and a Witch?
Just before the first day of school, a strange customer reveals that Sabrina is a witch with magical powers. As tempting at that sounded, Sabrina said no but when her powers get a little out of control she accepts into going to Abracadabra Academy; a magical institution. Everything goes to plan as Sabrina aces her classes and she spends time practicing her powers with a hot guy, teaching a certain witch a lesson, even catching the academy's heartthrob's attention! But is his attention only on her because she's the Ultimate Power or because he truly likes her? Forget boy problems! What about the fact, that there's a warlock going around killing good witches and wizards!? Get ready, because, there's something magical about to happen.


4. Chapter 4

The Life of a Witch

Something magical is about to happen

Chapter Four


Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Okay, does Penelope and Freya think I'm deaf or something? Because, I am not deaf as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I clean my ears daily so there is no way that I am deaf. So, I have no idea why Penelope and Freya are standing there, talking about me when I am right there! Seriously! Couldn't they be more subtle? I mean, you can so tell they're chit chatting about me, they keep throwing my wary glances in my direction. And, I don't think it's because they think I'm going to drop baby Samara. Like that would happen.

Anyway, me and Penelope are all ready to leave for Abracadabra Academy, which is cool. I so cannot wait to see what it's like! Freya mentioned it being like a big mansion and not at all like Hogwarts, so it kind of bummed me out. Then Freya casually said there was a beach nearby plus, clothing stories, restaurants, movie theaters and even an ice rink. So, I'll guess I won't be bored while I'm there. And, hopefully – fingers crossed – I'll be able to make friends easily. But this is me, were talking about. So, of course I won't make friends.

Oh my God. I've just realized something. Something big. Something huge! Gigantic! I've realized that Abracadabra Academy is just like a real high school, so will that mean that there's going to be cheerleaders? Well, obviously not cheerleaders. But...popular people? Because, I swear to God, if there is I am so going to drown myself in that Beach Freya mentioned. Because, I cannot handle more Jessica's in this world. I can't. I mean, the whole point in there being a magical world, is that everyone can be comfortable in being a freak. And, I cannot be comfortable being a freak with popular people around me. I just can't.

“Sabrina?” Penelope's voice penetrates my thoughts, “we're ready.” she says calmly as if this is just like going to a normal school, which it isn't. It's a magic school for freaks, like me.

“Oh wait!” Freya shrieks, she walks over to the fireplace where their cat, Shadow was lying down calmly with her kittens, Freya picks up a furry black kitten. “I want you to have this one,” Freya says. Oh wow. Okay, she must be psychic. Because I was eying the little kitten yesterday night, and I was so desperate to have it. I mean, it was perfect for me.

“I saw you looking at him, yesterday,” Freya explains while I started stroking him.

“Thank you!” I say, touched. “But, can we even have pets?” I ask, looking at Penelope for confirmation, and she nods. Yes! I can keep the kitten! This is totally the best day ever.

“What are you going to name him?” Penelope asks, and I think for a few moments. Midnight.

“Nice name,” Penelope says, reading my mind. Freya looks at us both and rolls her eyes. “Now, every student receives money every month,” Penelope says, holding out her hand. A pile of cash magically appears in her hand and I flinch. Is all that money for me? For a month?

“I can't take it!” I say but Penelope frowns.

“Every student receives three hundred dollars, Sabrina,” she says. “There is no need for you to feel awkward about this,” Penelope adds, stuffing the money in my bag without asking. I sigh and turn my attention on Midnight who was cuddled up in my arms, sniffing me curiously. “There is a pet store near the academy, for you to buy pet food and other necessities that you'll need for Midnight,” Penelope informs me helpfully. Ooh. I can finally buy a pet bed! And, a catnip. And a litter box! Oh give me a break. This is my first pet.

“Good luck, Sabrina.” Freya says, hugging me carefully, to not squash Midnight. I kiss baby Samara's cheeks and wave awkwardly to David and Ben who were on the floor playing. Penelope turns to me with a smile, I close my eyes in anticipation and I felt the rush again. As soon as Penelope's hands slid off me, I opened my eyes.

It was nothing like I expected. Freya told me it was a huge mansion. But I expected the mansion to be old and falling down. But it wasn't. The mansion looked to be quite modern and it was white. Just like my house. There was a huge fountain right outside and the grass was proper green. There was no litter. No car park or cars. And, it was deadly silent. Scary.

“Are we in California?” I ask, looking around for a sign. There were no signs or cars passing.

Penelope laughs, “sort of,” she replies. Penelope started to walk towards the huge front doors and I followed. I looked back at my luggage. They were moving with us. Yet, no one was pulling it. Okay, this magic stuff is really creepy. But, I so want to learn how to do that!

The inside of the academy was probably even more amazing than the outside. The floors were black marble, the walls were white with not a single dirty stain on it. There was a metal reception desk in the centre of the room, a young woman with glasses was on the phone while reading the magazine. She was flicking through the magazine without touching it. I so need to work on my Telekinesis. How else am I going to cope with this magic school?

“Donna?” The young woman looks up, and freezes when she sees Penelope and me. Poor woman. She probably thinks Penelope is going to fire her for slacking off on the job. “Can you please tell Gabriel that he's needed in my office?” Penelope says with a smile. Donna nods glancing at me curiously. I hurry after Penelope who was walking at a fast speed.

“Who's Gabriel?” I ask trotting after her, peering everywhere around me. There was millions of painting on the walls of random old people, which didn't look to hold much interest.

“Always asking questions,” she murmurs and I glare at her, “you'll see soon enough,” she adds before I could interrupt. “Oh and by the way,” she says, flinging me a smile, “while you're here; you'll have to call me Ms Williams.” Ms Williams? That is so bogus! Why didn't she just tell me to call her that in the first place? God, this is going to take me weeks to get used to. Possibly even years! “Don't be so dramatic, Sabrina.” Crap.

Penelope stopped in front of a white wooden door and I halted right beside me. My luggage dropped on the floor. “Ready?” she asks gently. I take a deep breath and nod. Penelope opens the door, “may I come in?” Penelope asks with a hint of amusement in her voice. A man inside laughs and Penelope opens the door wider. The room was very much like the academy; white walls and the floors were black marble. The desk was made out of glass. The expensive kind. The man sitting behind the desk was, blond with twinkly blue eyes and with a friendly smile on his face. There was another man too. Oh no, wait. He was a boy. About sixteen or so. He had dark brown hair and deep brown eyes that looked like a chocolate color. Even though he was sitting on a chair totally relaxed; he looked to be quite tall. Really tall. I flushed when I noticed he was looking straight at me with a frustrated frown on his face which made him look older. The guy was hot. And, they were clearly expecting me to say something. So, I said the first thing that popped into my retarded brain.













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