Life Of A Witch

Sabrina Wells; an orphan, a teenager, a waitress, a student and a Witch?
Just before the first day of school, a strange customer reveals that Sabrina is a witch with magical powers. As tempting at that sounded, Sabrina said no but when her powers get a little out of control she accepts into going to Abracadabra Academy; a magical institution. Everything goes to plan as Sabrina aces her classes and she spends time practicing her powers with a hot guy, teaching a certain witch a lesson, even catching the academy's heartthrob's attention! But is his attention only on her because she's the Ultimate Power or because he truly likes her? Forget boy problems! What about the fact, that there's a warlock going around killing good witches and wizards!? Get ready, because, there's something magical about to happen.


3. chapter 3

The Life of a Witch

Something magical is about to happen

Chapter Three


Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


She was waiting for me, like she promised in the school's parking lot. I sighed sadly and took one last look at my school. It's true, I had only been at St Jefferson’s for a week or so but it was my first high school experience and obviously my last. Unless, Abracadabra Academy is like a high school, but Penelope did say it was a boarding school. Oh God, I wonder if we have to wear uniforms? Because if we do I am so going to freak out, uniforms are just not flattering on me. Well, actually, nothing is flattering on me.

“Hello Sabrina,” Penelope greets me with a professional smile, “I trust you had a good day?” she asks politely, but I could hear the amusement in her voice. She knew, of course, that I didn't have a good day. Right after, Algebra, I told Lucy I would be going away for awhile, which was the hardest thing I had to do. Even, if we weren't friends for all that long, she was still a friend. My only friend, but Penelope is right. Being a witch is who I am, I had to embrace it. Plus, I don't think it will be too hard. I think...I hope.

“It was okay,” I shrug, “Algebra was the best!” I mutter sarcastically and Penelope chuckles. “Hey, where's your car?” I ask, dumbfounded. We were at the far end of the parking lot, and there was no car near us. Oh my God, she is not going to orb us, is she?

Penelope smiles, “we won't need a car,” she stated with a grin as she put her slim hands on my shoulders, I closed my eyes immediately, scared of what I was going to see. Turns out, orbing was weird, it was like a roller-coaster except less scary but you still felt that dizzy feeling. “You can open your eyes, Sabrina,” Penelope said.

I opened one eye. We were right outside my house door. Penelope was glancing around curiously, she obviously has never been here. Kind of awesome, if you think about it. That she can orb anywhere she wants, I mean, if I was her I would go check up on Hugh Jackman, just to see how he was doing. You know, nothing creepy or anything.

“Personal gain!” Penelope sang. Damn, I forgot she could read my thoughts. But personal gain? Does, this mean I won't be able to chant a spell to find my true love? That is so bogus. I mean, what is the point in having powers anyway?

I waited for her to answer my questions, but, she was rather occupied looking around.

“Nice place,” she murmurs. It truly was a great neighborhood and my house was the best. Not that I'm boasting or anything, just telling the truth. Even though, my house was the oldest house in the neighborhood yet it was more beautiful than the others, with the front yard, full of Tulips, Sunflowers and even roses.

“Yeah, it's great!” I agreed with pride.

I opened my front door with my key, I noticed Penelope smile for some reason. She obviously never used a key to open doors. “Aunt Priscilla! I'm home!” I announced loudly. Penelope followed me to the kitchen, taking a good look around. I really did not know why she was so curious. My house was like a normal American home, there was nothing special about it.

“Sabrina?” I heard, my aunt gasp as she took in me and Penelope standing in the kitchen. I was conscious that I was about to get into deep trouble, but I couldn't help but think, how the hell did I not notice my aunt was a witch? Am I that slow? Or is my aunt just a good actress?

“Sabrina?” she choked out, “what are you doing here so early?” she threw Penelope a curious look, “and who is this woman?” Wow. Not only am I slow, but, my aunt is a terrible actress. I could totally see recognition flash across my aunts face and a hint of a smile. This really sucks, does my aunt actually think I don't notice these things? I'm not unobservant.

“You can stop acting, aunt Priscilla,” I declared tiredly as I threw my backpack on the floor. Aunt Priscilla watched me with a guilty expression, “how could you lie to me?” I asked, hurt.

Her expression changed from guilt to complete sadness, it hurt to watch her in obvious agony. No matter how angry I was at her, it was obvious that my aunt had no choice but to lie.

“I'm sorry, Sabrina, but I had no choice! Your mother and father knew that something bad was going to happen, so they forced me to promise not say a single word about magic to you. Magic was the reason they were killed, Sabrina. They didn't want the same thing happening to you. However, I did make reason with your father. I was allowed to tell you when you were older. I was going to tell you when you turned sixteen.”

I sat there, watching my aunt blurt out the reason behind the whole secrecy thing. And, now I understood. It made sense, of course. However, they still had no right to hide something this important. What if, I had blown up a person in front of everyone? How would they feel then? Would they just tell me, 'Oh Sabrina? You're a witch, but don't go blowing up things!' Penelope was sitting beside me, completely bored. She probably knew the story.

“Oh.” I murmured. The three of us sat in silence, I was staring at my hands while my aunt Priscilla and Penelope shot each other glances of worry. Oh great! Now they're communicating telepathically. “So, do you know about...Abracadabra Academy?” I croaked, aunt Priscilla nods, grateful to have the uncomfortable silence broken.

“Oh yes! You're just going to love the academy, Sabrina!” she said with enthusiasm, and I smiled. My aunt was always known to have the uncanny ability to change her moods.

“You are two years behind, so you will have to catch up,” Penelope said and I nodded. I could catch up. I'm great at catching up. Plus, I am a quick learner.

“Ooh! What are your powers?” my aunt asked brightly. Humph. So much for hating magic. I'm sorry, but I still can't believe my aunt is such a good actress that she could hide something like that. I mean, I completely understand why she did it, of course. But it still sucks.

“So far, she's shown to have the ability of Hypnosis, Telekinesis and Molecular Combustion,” Penelope spoke for me, for which I was grateful for since I don't know the names of these powers. “Of course, she could develop more powers soon,” Penelope adds sternly.

My aunt ignored Penelope's stern tone, “Oh my! Three powers? Dear Sabrina, you must be really special!” my aunt declared with pride. “And you inherited my power!” Aunt Priscilla adds with a wink. It is really weird to know that my aunt has powers. I mean, no offence to her, but she can't even pay the bills on time. How can she control her powers?

“It's very rare for people to have more than two powers. However, due to your families ancestry it's quite normal for you to have three.” Penelope explained.

“What power do you have?” I asked my aunt who was gazing at me with a smug smile.

Powers,” she corrected, “I have the power of Telekinesis and Premonition,” I nodded impressed. Cool. Who wouldn't want to see the future? Well, I don't. For me, it probably wouldn't be good. And when I say not good, I mean, I probably won't even have a future.

“What powers do you have?” I asked Penelope. Aunt Priscilla rolls her eyes, and turns her back. Ooh I sense a bit of rivalry between these ladies. Ha!

“Telepathy, teleportation, Premonition, Power Extraction and Reality Warping,” Whoa! I can see why my aunt might be jealous. I mean, five powers? She must be really powerful.

“Wait. What's power extraction and...reality warping?” I questioned curiously. Penelope sighs. Look, I know I know. I ask a lot of questions. So, what? Sue me, why don't you.

“Power extractions mean to take away a power from someone else. Reality warping means to simply...change reality. For example, if one of our students were to use their powers in front of humans then I would have to change reality so they won't remember it,” Penelope explains.

“Of course, I only have those powers due to me being headmistress,” she adds.

Headmistress? Oh my God. Penelope is the headmistress of Abracadabra Academy? Wow. But wait, aren't headmistresses supposed to be way busy? I mean, I'm sure Penelope must be a really busy witch, she must have tons of stuff to do other than chasing down a novice witch.

“I am actually quite busy,” Penelope states, obviously reading my thoughts. “So Sabrina, if you agree to start attending the academy, I would like to take you somewhere,” Uh oh. Decision time. But what is there to decide? I mean, aunt Priscilla practically said yes to my going.

I look at my aunt who was staring down at me expectantly, “I'll go,” I say, my aunt sighs in relief and Penelope smiles. Is it a really good sign when your aunt sighs in relief, when you agree to go away for a whole year? I don't think so. But I wasn't going to get angry.

“Good, I'll be back in an hour. I expect you to have your things ready,” Penelope then nods at me, and throws a quick smile at my aunts direction, and she disappears.

“So. Are you ready for your life to change?” My aunt asks, half joking half serious.

“I'm always ready,” I reply with a smile. Together we go to my room, so we could pack. As we put my clothes in my suitcase, I can't help but think how bizarre it's going to be. I mean, I'm going to be living in a school! Can you imagine living in your school? I don't think so.

“Did you like it at the academy?” I ask my aunt. She sighs happily and looks thoughtful.

“I did. Best years of my life! Of course, I'm sure the academy has changed since I've went there! I'm sure Penelope does a great job!” Aunt Priscilla states with an absent smile. I guess, she re-living her academy days or something. “You'll like it there, Sabrina. You'll see it's just a regular high school except, you learn about magic,” she adds. Ooh yes! It's like a regular high school. And, you know what that means? It means, that there will be a prom!

“So you and Penelope go way back, right?” I question as we continue to pile clothes in my suitcase, which was nearly full. I just hope that they have a good washing machine.

“Yeah, we were good friends. She was a year younger than me, but she was probably the brightest witch in the whole school!” she chuckles. “Good times,” my aunt murmurs. “Penelope was friends with your parents, you know?” My aunt tells me, and I look up in surprise.

“Really?” I ask with a smile. I always loved to hear stories about my parents, how they met, their wedding and when they had me.

“Oh yes,” she nods. “It was quite a shock for her when they died,” aunt Priscilla carried on. “She was so angry when I told her you wouldn't be going to the academy,” she confides. Oh wow. I never even knew Penelope was friends with my mother and father. “Penelope thinks you'll do quite well,” she says in a smug tone, and I smile at my aunt. Boy, I'm definitely going to miss my aunt. Oh well, I'm sure that's why cell phones were invented.

“Well, I think that's done,” my aunt says after a while. “I already packed your toiletries. So you're all set,” she adds. “I'm going to miss you, sweetie,” she gushed, as she pulled me into a hug. Oh my God, please don't cry. Please don't cry. Or else, I'll start crying.

“I'm going to miss you too,” I sobbed and she hugged me closer. Oh God, it's going to be harder than I thought leaving my aunt...alone here in this house. I mean, who's going to feed her? Or pay the bills? Or...or...who's going to cuddle her when she's lonely?

“By the way, I might move to the magical world.” My aunt says casually as she pulls away.

The magical world? But, I thought witches and wizards lived with the humans?

“The magical world?” I repeated unsure. My aunt giggles at my apparent stupidity.

“Oh yes! It's where all the magical folk live. It's actually where the academy is,” my aunt explains. Oh, well that makes sense. And this way, we'll both be closer to each other. Cool.

“Okay,” I agree tiredly, boy, was packing hard work. Especially, packing for a whole year.

“Oh, I nearly forgot,” my aunt gasps and hurries out of my room. She comes back with a big brown book, which appeared to have yellowing pages and a long red ribbon to keep track of the page you want. “Your mother left this with me, so I could give it to you,” my aunt states and hands me the book, I opened it and gasped in shock. Oh my God! It's a spell book. Wow. There are spells to vanquish evil beings like demons...warlocks. Ooh and a love spell. I'm sure I can find a good use for that spell. Hehe.

“It's your own Book of Shadows!” my aunt explains brightly, as I flick through the pages in disbelief. “Most students have to make their own when they go to the academy but now, you already have one!” she adds and I nod absently. But there's something I had to ask.

“Did my mother invent these...spells?” I ask gently, and I notice my aunt's face soften as she gazes at the book.

“Yes, she did. A good witch, she was.” My aunt stated and I continued to look through , admiring my mother's italic writing. Man, how do people write like that?

“Am I interrupting something?” Penelope's gentle voice comes from the door and I quickly close the book and put it in my bag. I guess, it was time to go. I sigh trying to hard to hide the tears that were about to pour down any minute. “We should go, Sabrina.” I nod.

“Bye, sweetie,” my aunt whispers to my ear while giving me a tight hug, I could hear my aunt sobbing quietly on my shoulder. Penelope gives a polite smile and waits patiently. “Now, you take care of yourself, young lady!” she nags and I shoot her a questioning look. “Oh who am I kidding? I've raised you so well. You can take care of yourself!”

Penelope chuckles, “you can always see her at the weekends, Priscilla,” Penelope reminds my aunt. Oh good! At least, I will have the weekends off. Awesome. Aunt Priscilla nods tearfully and hugs me one last time. Penelope drags my suitcases neared to us, and puts her hands on my shoulders – like last time. I wave goodbye to my aunt, as she blows her nose. I close my eyes, and once Penelope's hands slide off my shoulders, I open my eyes.

We were both in an old fashioned living room, wooden floors, flowery wallpaper and pictures of a family. “Is this your family?” I ask, as Penelope moves my suitcases nearer to the staircase. Penelope nods, “they're adorable!” I coo over the pictures of the babies. There was a picture of three little girls with dark hair and the same green eyes as Penelope's.

“Those are my daughters,” Penelope says, gazing at the picture, “Madison, Becky and Jane.” I smile. I had no idea Penelope had daughter or that she even had a husband! So weird.

“I'm married to a cupid,” Penelope mentions casually and I nearly drop the picture. Did, Penelope just say...cupid? As in cupid, cupid? Oh. My. God. That is just so messed up. “Not a baby, Sabrina. My husband is a grown man,” Penelope laughs at my reaction. “Luke Hart.” Luke Hart. How ironic that his name is Hart. Seriously, don't these people have imaginations?

“Oh,” I give a shaky laugh, “well, who are these kids?” I pried. Penelope follows my gaze.

“Those are my sister, Freya's kids,” she explains. “David, Ben and Samara.” And, she has nephews and a niece? That is so not fair! Why can't I have a big family? This sucks.

Penelope smiles, “come on. Let me introduce you to them,” she pulls me into a brightly lit kitchen. There was a young boy - who was about four – sitting on the floor playing with colorful toys. And another boy who was around two, sitting on a kids chair eating gooey looking stuff. And finally, a baby girl in the arms of, who had to be, Penelope sister, Freya. Freya was just as I expected; brunette, same green eyes as Penelope’s. Freya was about an inch shorter than me and her figure was round and she looked to be quite cuddly unlike Penelope, who was slim and tall but they both had the same warm smiles.

“Freya?” Penelope says. Freya looks up from her baby with a smile on her lips, her eyes light up in surprise, when she sees me. “This is Sabrina Wells,” Penelope introduces me kindly. Freya's smile widens and she gracefully walks towards me, “and this is Freya, my sister.”

“Hello,” Freya greets me, and carefully holds out her hand which I take uncomfortably.

“Hi!” I greet her back, and kindly take a quick look at her baby – Samara who was soundly asleep in her mother's arms. Wow. Babies are just so cute, if, a little icky sometimes.

I noticed Freya staring at me strangely and Penelope seemed to understand. “This is Priscilla's niece,” she explained and Freya's face lights up again in surprise or shock. Or both.

Freya gasped, “Priscilla! I haven't seen that woman in years!” Freya laughed in disbelief. “Well, that makes you Melanie and Paul's kid, right?” she asks nicely and I nod shyly. “Good God, you certainly got your mothers eyes haven't you?” she says and I laugh in agreement. Wow. It's so weird how everyone knows my mother, yet, I know absolutely nothing. Bummer.

Penelope frowns and takes a quick glance at her watch, “well, I have to go back to the academy or else, Gabriel will have my head. Freya, make sure Sabrina gets comfortable in the guest room and has everything she needs,” Penelope says. “Oh and try not to overwhelm with the magic stuff,” Penelope adds, giving her sister an odd look. I stifle a giggle. It's funny to see Penelope scolding her older sister. Plus, what is she talking about? I'm not overwhelmed at all! In fact, I'm having the time of my life. Really, I am.

As soon as Penelope disappears, Freya looks at me wide eyed, “you're not overwhelmed are you?” she asks, with a rather frantic expression. I try hard not to laugh at her shock.

“Uh. No. Not really,” I answer truthfully and Freya sighs in relief. I smile at her.

“Good! Because we have much to talk about!” she states, ignoring Penelope's instructions. Freya carefully rests Samara on the baby crib in the living room and then, she gestures for me to sit down next to her, on the couch.

“So, what do you know?” she asks excitedly. I half expected her to jump and down, but of course, she didn't Freya, is after all, a mother and a wife. That just wouldn't be appropriate.

“I don't know,” I answer baffled. “I guess, I want to know about the academy and all,” I add.

Freya nods in comprehension. Good. Finally someone was going to give the answers I need.

“Of course! Well, you will have to share a room with another student...” I freeze. “...of the same sex, of course,” she continues, and I immediately relax. Oh God, can you imagine if I was to share a room with a boy? Ugh. Nightmare. Although...if he was hot then that wouldn't be so bad. Not bad at all, actually. Do they even have hot boys in the magical world?

“You'll have five lessons a day...” Freya continued happily. So after an hour, I practically knew everything about the academy. For example, breakfast was at eight sharp. Lessons started at nine. Of course, that wasn't all that interesting to me. I only perked up when, Freya started to mention all the stories; that Penelope was not right for the post of headmistress. Shock! Which, of course infuriated the students because, before Penelope was headmistress she was a teacher at the academy and she apparently rocked their socks off. Aw, so sad to hear that Penelope had a hard time getting to be headmistress. Especially, when she really is an awesome person. Even though, I did think she was a murderer before. But that was not the point, at all.

“Trust me, Sabrina,” Freya says, “the next two years of your life are going to great!” Two years? But I'm fourteen. So, technically I'll be at the academy for four years, right? Oh crap. Freya must think I'm sixteen! Yes, that's how much older I look. Must be the zits.

“I'm fourteen,” I explain, uncomfortable. Freya jolts and looks at me up and down. So. This is not awkward at all! Nope. In fact, I'm more than comfortable to be looked up and down at.

“You're fourteen!?” she mutters in surprise, “wow. Priscilla must have fed you well,” Freya says in surprise. Ha! Freya probably doesn't know that my aunt can't even feed herself.

“Are you kidding?” I reply with a snort, “my aunt can't even feed herself! I just grow up very fast,” I explain. I don't even know why I grow up fast. I'm not even talking about my height. I mean, I'm only five foot six. But, I mean, my face. I just seem older. Plus, I am very mature for my age, which really sucks because sometimes, I just want to break free.

“Goodness! Did you have a job?” she asks and I nod. “As what?” she asks again, in disbelief.

“As a waitress,” I say, “I worked in this place called the Coffee Clutch,” I explain.

Is it horrible of me that I don't miss my job at least a tiny bit? Nah, of course it's not horrible. I mean, I loved my job. The salary and the tips were great! But my boss...wasn't.

“Wow. You sure grow up fast,” she mutters kindly, “so, did you like the job?” Freya questions.

“Yeah. I mean, it was okay. But my boss really sucked. She basically sucked the life out of the place!” I exclaim.

Something behind me catches Freya's attention, so I turn around and notice the flowers dead. The weird thing was, that when I arrived the flowers were in perfect condition! Weird.

“I think...” Freya murmurs, “that you may have another power.” Oh no. Not again. Why do I keep getting all these different powers? I mean, I won't be able to control them all!

“What? But, I didn't do anything?” I retort but Freya ignores me and shakes her head gently.

“It's a projection power,” Freya says gazing at the dead flowers, which I killed apparently.

“Projection? What's that?” I ask nervously. I mean, is it a power that kills things?

“Projection allows a witch or wizard to manipulate reality,” Freya explains. “It's an extremely rare power,” Freya looks at me sharply. “Only powerful witches and wizards possess it. It is known to be...the Ultimate Power.” Freya says thoughtfully.

“Ultimate Power,” I echo. But...that's ridiculous. I can't have an Ultimate Power? That's impossible. I mean, I'm a novice witch! I can't have all these powerful powers! It's so wrong.

“Tell me, Sabrina. What other powers do you have?” she asks urgently. God, like I can even remember! I mean, Penelope told my aunt the powers that I possessed.

“Uh...” I try to remember, “Telekinesis, Molecular Combustion and Hypnosis.” I finally say.

“Wow. And now Projection. I say, you're on your path to great things!” She says happily.

“What powers do you have?” I inquire curiously. Does she have loads of powers like Penelope?

“Invisibility and Astral Projection,” say answers in a rather uninterested tone. Cool. I mean, Invisibility. I could use that power to spy on Hugh Jackman or something. Not that I would.

“What is Astral Projection?” I ask. Freya rolls her eyes, but she obviously wanted to talk to me instead of taking care of her children. “You don't have to tell me, if you're tired.” I add.

“No, it's okay,” she smiles. “Astral projection is the magical power to project an astral form of oneself outside of the body; to project their soul into an identical living, breathing form of themselves,” she explains. Okay...I didn't understand a word Freya just said but, whatever. I'll take her word from it. Freya closes her eyes in exhaustion and I sigh tiredly. These past two days have been so crazy that I haven't had one moment for myself to take it all in. Or to relax. Or to even sleep.



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