Life Of A Witch

Sabrina Wells; an orphan, a teenager, a waitress, a student and a Witch?
Just before the first day of school, a strange customer reveals that Sabrina is a witch with magical powers. As tempting at that sounded, Sabrina said no but when her powers get a little out of control she accepts into going to Abracadabra Academy; a magical institution. Everything goes to plan as Sabrina aces her classes and she spends time practicing her powers with a hot guy, teaching a certain witch a lesson, even catching the academy's heartthrob's attention! But is his attention only on her because she's the Ultimate Power or because he truly likes her? Forget boy problems! What about the fact, that there's a warlock going around killing good witches and wizards!? Get ready, because, there's something magical about to happen.


2. chapter 2

The Life of a Witch

Something magical is about to happen

Chapter Two


Cats are magical. . .the more you pet them the longer you both live.”

It's weird how you wish for something and then zap! It just comes true. It's amazing. I mean, there I was in my crappy job hoping that magic existed and then along comes a woman, who claims I'm a witch! Isn't that just the most ridiculous thing you've heard ever? And – okay, for a minute I actually believed her. How could I not? It did make sense. I can, somehow, make people do what I want with physical contact and I can move objects with my mind. I think. I don't know. I'm just so confused.

“Hey,” I greeted my aunt in an expressionless tone, I was hoping she wouldn't pick up on my mood, but of course, she did. Aunt Priscilla gives me one of those looks. You know, those looks, that parents sometimes give? The one that makes you forget all the consequences and forces you to blurt out all your problems. Well she shot me that look.

“Hey,” my aunt eyes my face, “you okay?” she asks trying to sound uninterested. She was.

That was one of the many things I loved about my aunt, she wasn't in any rush for me to blurt out my feelings to her or to tell her what I thought, she forced me to take my time.

“Yeah, why wouldn't I be okay?” I ask, forcing a smile which obviously didn't fool her. Yeah, I shouldn't really be surprised; I never could fool her. It's like she knew what was happening, and instead of interrogating me she just waited for me to tell her.

“I don't know. How was work?” How was work? Hmm, well work was very unusual. A woman, came by and claimed I was a witch. How do you feel about that, aunt Priscilla?

“Good,” I shrug, “it was the usual.” I reply casually, my aunt nods slowly. Ugh! Why the hell do I even bother? It's obvious she doesn't believe me? And, besides, what happened today was not a crime or anything! So, I guess I can tell her. It's not like she's going to freak out or something. Well, she might if she has a hatred for witches and magic.

“Err, well. Actually, something did happen,” I lick my lips and wipe off the sweat off my forehead. I mean, it's not like my aunt's going to kill me? It's hardly something to kill about.

“Oh,” she raises her head from her pot, she was cooking something that didn't smell nice.

I take a deep breath, “yeah. Err, a woman came by the coffee clutch...” I murmured.

“Yes, and?” my aunt prompts. Why is it so hard for me to say it? It shouldn't be hard.

“Well, she was telling me stuff,” I say, “ridiculous stuff really!” I cried nervously. This got her attention, she immediately dropped her spoon and shot me a curious look.

“What sort of ridiculous stuff?” she demanded, sounding a bit angry. Oh crap. Now I know why I didn't want to tell her! Oh, well. Too little too late. Nothing I can do.

“Nothing really!” I clarified hurriedly, “It's just she was telling me about....” I couldn't go on.

“Go on,” she insisted. I know why I couldn't tell her. Because, deep down I do believe in magic and witches, but, I was afraid of leaving my life and, of course, my aunt Priscilla.

I continued, “...witches and magic...” As soon as the words left my lips, my aunt, turned into stone. She absolutely froze! Why me? Why the hell did I tell her? I knew I shouldn't have told her.

I wave my hands in front of her face to awaken her from her supposed trance, “aunt Priscilla!” I slap her face gently. Still nothing. “Aunt Priscilla!” I yell into her ear. She blinks...once...twice...and winces as if I had just hit her or something. Which I didn't. At least, I did not hit her hard. Besides, I had to slap her. It was necessary.

“What else did she say?” she inquired her voice low as if she didn't want nobody to hear.

I hesitated, I didn't want to have to send her to a mental Institution. “Err...nothing really!” I babbled brightly trying to distract her. Her face was hard and she wasn't smiling.

“Tell me.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. So, much for her patience.

“She claimed I was a witch and that I have magical powers,” I muttered keen on getting the hell up to my room so I could escape this nightmare.

“Who is she?” she asks, tonelessly. Okay, is it me or is my aunt actually frightened? As if, she's scared that the whole magic thing it true. But that's impossible. My aunt, would have told me if I was a witch. Wouldn't she? Yeah, of course she would. I hope.

“Uh. Penelope.” I say, “Williams. Penelope Williams,” I add. Something my aunts face changes, which surprises me, as a little tiny smile forms on her lips and her eyes are shining for some reason. “Penelope Williams,” she murmurs as if she knew her.

Oh my God, “do you know her?” I ask frantically, my aunt frowns thoughtfully for a minute or two, as if she was thinking of what to say to me. My aunt slowly shakes her head. “No, I don't believe I do,” she mutters and continues to mix whatever is in the pot.

Something is definitely not right. I mean, once I said Penelope's name my aunt was smiling! Smiling, as if, she was remembering something in her past, which only means, that my aunt and Penelope must have known each other! But why won't my aunt tell me? Oh well, I'm really too tired to care. Besides, I'm hungry and tired. I look at what my aunt is mixing. It really did not smell nice and it didn't look like there was any food inside the pot.

“Uh, aunt Priscilla?” I say, “are we going to eat that for dinner?” I ask gently. I swear If she says yes, I am so running over to Lucy's place so we can order Chinese. My aunt laughs, “no no no!” she exclaimed and I returned to my confused state.

“Then, what are you doing?” I inquired curiously, and my aunt looked frozen in guilt. She slowly wiped the sweat off her forehead and appeared to be as stumped as me.

“Uh, you know. Just...” she says, searching for a phrase, “mixing things,” she finally says.

“Things?” I ask dumbfounded. I know, I know. I was asking a lot of questions. I usually do.

“Ingredients!” she grumbled impatiently, “now stop asking questions and go and change,” my aunt ordered and I skipped to my room.

Well, there is something wrong and I don't know what. But, I'm pretty sure my aunt Priscilla and Penelope know each other somehow. Which is really strange, because, my aunt has told me stories about her childhood friends and none of them included Penelope Williams unless they stopped being friends...but why would my aunt smile like that? It's like she was remembering a private joke or something. Oh God, I should really stop worrying. Aunt Priscilla is right. I do act old. I'll probably get wrinkles by the time I'm fifteen.



* * * * *


I didn't sleep well. Well, that's a lie, because, I didn't sleep at all! I am totally serious! I just kept tossing and turning, it was like I was having a nightmare while awake. And, I don't know about you but I'd rather have nightmares while asleep! Is there something wrong with that? I don't think so. I should probably warn you, that I get cranky when I don't get my eight hours sleep. Which is completely normal and understandable.

I was in the hallway, right outside my locker and I had to keep pinching myself so I wouldn't fall asleep, which isn't turning out so well since I keep resting my head on my locker. But can you blame me? And, yes, I probably should have been on the computer researching about witches, but I was so curious! Plus, I didn't really find anything expect the whole witches being burned at the stake kind of thing.

“Hey!” A voice shouted in my ear. I immediately jump and give a little scream. God, people should know better than to scare me when I am rather occupied sleeping! Jeez. What is wrong with some people? Would they like to me to scare them? Nope.

“Lucy!” I yell, resting my hands on my chest, “you scared the hell out of me?” I yammered.

Lucy, has been my friend since, we started high school which was...last week. And, yet, we already call ourselves best friends, which is kind of weird but it's nice to have a best friend.

Lucy was petite, blonde with amazing blue eyes which I sort of envied. Hey! Blue eyes is so much cooler than hazel eyes.

Lucy grinned, “sorry,” she giggled, not sounding sorry at all. “It was really tempting.” I roll my eyes and lean on my locker watching my fellow class mates socializing, making out and walking to their classes. “I'm sure it was tempting,” I say with narrowed eyes as I watched her get out her Algebra book as that was our first class. Lucy slammed her locker shut, “why didn't you pick up your cell yesterday?” she asked, sounding upset. I immediately felt guilty for dodging her calls, even if I really wasn't in the mood to talk.

“Sorry,” I apologized sincerely, “I was really out of it because of work and all,” I explained. Lucy nodded in understanding thinking that Ava made me work a double shift.

“You look weird,” Lucy commented. I would have felt offended but I knew it was true. Not only did I not sleep but I was so tired in the morning that I forgot to comb my hair, so now it was just hanging all frizzy and messy. “Yeah, uh, rough night,” I responded. I sighed and hid my head in my locker, to hide my face.

“You should really have chocolate milk before you go to sleep,” she suggested kindly and I nodded absently. Oh, if she only knew that milk was not going to solve my sleeping cycle.

The bell rang, and I quickly got out my Algebra book and slammed my locker, but not before, Jessica Townsend, arrived at my locker, took a quick glance at my hair and started to laugh hysterically with her friends, “nice hair, Freakenstein!” Jessica exclaimed with a giggle. I took a deep breath and counted to ten. My aunt Priscilla suggested I do that so I wouldn't end up smashing Jessica's face in, no matter how tempting that was. However, the anger I was feeling got the best of me and I glared angrily at Jessica.

The lockers started to open and close repeatedly, making a horrific and annoying sound but I continued to glare at Jessica, who was looking terrified at what was happening, even Lucy was looking a bit terrified. Once, I took my eyes off Jessica the lockers immediately stopped, and silence filled the hallways. I could hear Lucy's faint breathing and my own breathing which was unsteady. Jessica stared at me with wide eyes. “Freak!” she yelled and walked away with her friends in tow.

I started to walk to class in a daze with Lucy walking silently beside me. “What was that all about?” she demanded, astonished. I pretended not to know what she was on about. I think it would be a safer option to pretend not to have had anything to do it.

“What?” I asked quietly looking at the floor as we walked down the hallway. Lucy gasped in shock or amazement. I couldn't tell as I was keeping my eyes set on the floor.

“The lockers!” she reminded me, “it was so weird! The windows weren't even open! Of course, it wouldn't matter, because there is not way the wind could do that!” Lucy exclaimed, excitement in her voice. I nodded and kept quiet, until I saw someone right outside my Algebra class.

“Hello,” she greeted us politely, I closed my eyes. This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't! I mean, what is this? How the hell did she find me anyway? This is a nightmare.

“Uh, Lucy? Can you leave us for a moment please?” I pleaded nicely. Lucy was staring at Penelope in utter curiosity, Lucy nodded and went inside the class room. Penelope was leaning on the wall as if she didn't have a single worry in her life. She probably didn't.

I sighed tiredly, “what do you want?” I demanded angrily. I mean, I was tired, angry and even more tired so I had every right to be angry with her.

Penelope raised her eyebrows, “more politeness would be nice,” she chastised teasingly and I rolled my eyes. “I wanted to explain to you about magic,” I stared at her. She cannot be serious! I thought I already made it clear, that I don't believe in magic.

“Prove it,” I demanded again. Penelope shoots me a smile, then she disappears. I gasp in shock. Where did she go? I mean, she was right in front of me. Now she's gone!

“So, do you believe in magic now?” Penelope asks behind me and I give a little jump.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh my God! Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. She teleported! She actually teleported! I so cannot believe this! Magic exists!

“It's actually called orbing,” Penelope corrects me but I barely listen. Man, I am so stupid. And stubborn. I mean, all the signs were there. I have the ability to tell people what to do, and they'll do it. I can move things with my mind. But, I was just so stubborn that I didn't believe it. Or I didn't want to believe it. But, hang on, what does Penelope want with me?

“Okay, so magic exists,” I clarify, “but, what do you want me to do?” I ask helplessly. Does she want me to go and practice after school or something instead of going work?

“Well, of course you will be enrolled at magic school to learn about magic and more about your power,” she stated in a serious tone, and I stare at her in shock again.

“Magic school? Is it like boarding school?” I ask frantically. I mean, if it is like boarding school, there is no chance I'll go there.

“Yes. Abracadabra Academy is like a boarding school,” she clarified. Abracadabra Academy? Oh my God, how ironic! “It is, isn't it?” Penelope says amused. I smile, but deep down, I'm hesitating and Penelope can see that. “Sabrina, you have to go to the academy. It's the best for you and for others around you,” she insisted and I blink.

“What do you mean?” I wail. Penelope hesitates, and frowns thoughtfully.

“It's very common for witches and wizards to lose control of their powers when they don't know anything about it,” Penelope declares gently, and I start to understand.

“Penelope, I do understand!” I retort as politely as I could. “But...I can't leave my aunt.” I sighed, “my aunt hates things about magic!” I add and Penelope looks amused.

“Ah yes,” she nods, “Priscilla. How is she?” Penelope asks politely but with a hint of amusement. I knew it! They both know each other! Ugh. Aunt Priscilla is so dead.

“Indeed, we do know each other,” she says with a smile and I gasp in anger. But, wait a minute....that means....that...aunt Priscilla is a – Oh my God!

“She's a witch!” I yelled and Penelope pulls me further down the hall.

“Yes, she is a witch,” she says calmly while I was freaking out by the surprising news.

“But...” I stuttered, “she said she hated magic!” I insisted and Penelope shakes her head.

“Priscilla hate magic?” Penelope mutters with a laugh. “She loved the academy!” Penelope adds. Oh, that is so low! How could she lie to me? That is just so wrong! I am so going to kill her! “Don't blame, your aunt. She made a promise,” Penelope says.

“To who?” I pried but stopped when I remember my parents. They had powers too?

“Yes, they did. And, your aunt promised to not tell you about magic until you were older,” Penelope answers the questions in my mind.

I wave my hands in frustration and in anger, when I hear a small explosion. I look up and see the clock completely blown up. I look at Penelope, and she looks surprised too.

“So, magic school huh?” I say, when I realize I do need to control these powers of mine. Penelope laughs and looks at the clock, flicks her hand and bam! The clock looks as good as new. Ooh, I so need to learn how to do that.

“I knew you only needed a bit of persuasion,” Penelope says smugly, “I'll pick you up after school.”

“Wait! I still need to stay in school for the rest of the day?” I shriek, Penelope nods and disappears. Well, now that's just mean.








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