Life Of A Witch

Sabrina Wells; an orphan, a teenager, a waitress, a student and a Witch?
Just before the first day of school, a strange customer reveals that Sabrina is a witch with magical powers. As tempting at that sounded, Sabrina said no but when her powers get a little out of control she accepts into going to Abracadabra Academy; a magical institution. Everything goes to plan as Sabrina aces her classes and she spends time practicing her powers with a hot guy, teaching a certain witch a lesson, even catching the academy's heartthrob's attention! But is his attention only on her because she's the Ultimate Power or because he truly likes her? Forget boy problems! What about the fact, that there's a warlock going around killing good witches and wizards!? Get ready, because, there's something magical about to happen.


1. chapter 1

The Life of a Witch

Something magical is about to happen

Chapter One


Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Okay, lets face it people. Life sucks. I know it. You know it. We all know it. I mean, you become a teenager hoping something – I don't know – magical will happen, when In reality, nothing – I repeat, nothing – magical will happen to your life. The closest a teenager, like me, will get to magic is puberty. And, to be honest, I could live without puberty. Don't you think life would be so much simpler with magic? Of course it would. Can you even imagine how less complicated your life would be if you could just zap some magic. And...viola! Life sorted. Mess sorted. Of course, magic is just too good to be true.

Not that I actually need any magic. I don't. Not necessarily, anyway. Do not get me wrong. My life is actually pretty good, considering, my parents died when I young leaving me to live with my aunt, Priscilla. However, despite the death of my parents, my life is actually pretty good for a hormonal teenager, like me. Except, like any other teenager, there's this thing called high school, which you know, sucks. Not only that, but, I have to work at a coffee shop. The Coffee Clutch, to be exact.

Plus, get this, I am only fourteen! Should I not be too young to be working? I mean, it's kind of awesome that I get my allowance and my salary, which is not much but, combined with my allowance it's a lot. For a fourteen year old, anyway. However, I didn't really want to get a job - especially with me busy in high school and all – but, my aunt Priscilla, went on and on about how, I seem so much older than I really am so I have to act like I'm older. Which is really bogus, because, does she have a job? Nope. I guess, I really am the grown up of the family. Even, if it is only me and her.

You must be asking to yourself, does Sabrina bring in the money for the family? The answer is, no. I do not. My aunt pretty much lets me do whatever I want with my money – which is spent, going to the movies, reading and eating out with my friend, Lucy - which is cool. You see, my grandparents left my family a lot of money, plus when my parents died I inherited some money too. But, seeing as how I'm a good person and want the best for my family, I gave my inheritance money to my aunt seeing as she was my legal guardian. It worked out really well. Also, when my aunt is in the mood, she can draw some kick ass landscapes. Usually, only once a year.

“Sabrina!” Ava yells for me, Ava's my boss and she's probably the only reason why I hate this job. You would know why, once you saw her. She's pretty small – smaller than me – with a short brown bob and evil green eyes. I mean, she makes me wear a uniform, that consists of, black pants and a white shirt and shoes! Shoes! I never wear shows. Never. And the reason is, that shoes make me look older. Well, at least I don't have to wear Rollerblades like Lucy does. That would suck. “Harry and Bill are at it again!”

Ah. Harry and Bill. They've been regular customers ever since I started working here, they're nice enough guys. The only problem is their temper. They get into a fight and usually it's me that has to break them up. Which is pretty weird, because, I'm five foot six and these guys are over six feet tall, but whenever I touch them, and tell them to break it up. They do it. It's like BAM! They just stop fighting, just like that. It's weird but cool.

“So?” I yell back at her just to annoy her. This is how me and Ava usually communicate.

Fix it!” Ava bellows back, and even though, I couldn't see her, I could tell that her vein on her forehead must be sticking out. And that's, my cue to shut up and do my job.

I get out of the kitchen and sigh when I see the big boys arguing. Am I the only one grown up around here? I sure hope not. This is California, after all and there's like thousands and thousands of people in this city. I rest my hands on their chests to stop them from getting any closer. “Come on, boys. Break it up!” I said as calmly as I could. Bill and Harry blinked a few times, and stared at me. Yeah, I usually had that affect on people. Both men, looked confused as they went back to their coffees as they usually did.

I noticed a customer had just arrives, so I whipped out my notebook and pen. Ava makes the waitresses use notebooks in case one of us suffers from retardation that we can't remember the orders. “Hi. Can I get your order?” I asked politely as Ava taught me.

The woman was young and pretty. Same hair color as me – brunette – and green eyes – I had hazel eyes – The woman gazed at me in utter curiosity and amazement.

“That was really remarkable, you know?” She stated with a wry smile and I shook my head confusedly. What the hell was this woman babbling about?

“I'm sorry. What was remarkable?” I asked, curiously getting to me.

What was so remarkable about breaking up a fight? I mean, I do it all the time. It's no big deal. However, I do think I should receive a raise. That would never happen.

“The way those two men listened to you,” the woman explained. “You simply touched them and they...simply stopped,” She gives a laugh. “That is remarkable!” I give a short laugh with her, but honestly, I was really confused and freaked out. Who was this woman?

“Huh. I guess so,” I agreed kindly, although I was itching to get her order and run away.

“I guess you could call it,” she stated with another laugh.

“A gift. Why would you call it that?” I questioned.

But, before the woman could open her mouth. I noticed a man drop a banana peal on his way out and a pregnant woman just coming in. She didn't notice the banana peal on the floor. I was so paralyzed that I couldn't even open my mouth to scream a warning. I concentrated so hard, willing for the woman not to slip that somehow the banana peal simply moved. It actually moved. By itself. As if by...magic. All, I could do was gasp at what had just happened. I gazed around to see if anyone had witnessed what I had seen. But no one saw. Everyone was busy drinking and eating. Except for one person, of course.

The woman turned her gaze on me and said, “I think you and I need to talk.” I gulped and nodded. My mouth was so dry that I couldn't protest into talking to the strange woman.

“Excuse me miss?” The woman pried for Ava's attention. Ava immediately blushed at being called miss, although, she was married and forty two. “Could I borrow Sabrina for a moment?” The woman wanted to know. I twitched. How the hell did she know my name? I mean, I don't even have a name tag. Okay, this day is getting freakier by the minute. Ava didn't even blink, just nodded.

Without knowing what I was getting into I followed the woman outside the Coffee Clutch. As soon as were in the parking lot, she stopped still and gave me a friendly smile. I gulped nervously. I'm sure that's how serial killers start. All smiley and then your dead.

“Sabrina. My name is Penelope Williams,” she introduced herself. Do serial killers usually introduce themselves? Well, this one certainly does. What a weird murderer. Penelope smiles in amusement. “I can assure you, I'm no killer.” Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. She knows what I'm thinking. She knows what I'm thinking! Crap!

“H-how d-do you know m-my name?” I stuttered nervously like the idiot I am. What was I thinking? Coming outside with a strange woman who can read minds?

“Please. Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you,” she assured soothingly. Ha! Fat chance.

“H-how?” I wailed. Damn. Any second now and I was going to cry like a baby. And, I never cry. I think the last time I cried was when my parents died and I five!

The woman hesitated, “I'm telepathic, Sabrina,” she explained with a frown. Telepathic? Oh God, isn't that when you can read minds and talk to people...telepathically? “Exactly!” The woman said brightly causing me to flinch.

“Get out of my head!” I wailed again and a smile appeared on the woman's face.

“Sorry,” she apologized. “It's important I know what you are thinking. So, I don't scare you, you see?” Scare me? Scare me? I'm freaking terrified! I mean, who is this woman? “I'm a witch,” she answered my unspoken question. I narrowed my eyes, but she kept a straight face. Then...I laughed right out like it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. But really, I was freaking out. I mean, just a few moments ago I was wishing and hoping for something like magic to exist, and now, this woman is telling me that she's a witch?

'Sabrina, you're a witch too.' Where did I hear that? I look up at Penelope who was staring at me with raised eyebrows. “Did you-?” I stutter again, Penelope nods.

“Yes, I did,” she said, “you see, not only can I read people's thoughts I can communicate with them through my mind as well,” she explained patiently. I nodded thoughtfully.

“Cool,” I say out loud and Penelope laughs. 'You can learn these cool things, Sabrina.' Penelope tells me telepathically. I hesitated.

I'm a witch. I'm a witch. That would explain all the weird things that happened just a few moments ago. But I just couldn't believe it. I mean, something as good as magic couldn't possibly exist. It just couldn't. And yeah, weird things happen to me, like when I touch people they always do as I say and, strangely, I can move things with my mind. There's still no proof that I'm what you call a witch. Like, how the hell did I not know I was one in the first place. How did Penelope know where to find me? It's complete bull.

“I can't do it,” I shake my head. “I just can't.”






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