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21. You&I

I had a splitting headache. My stomach was hurting, and someone's arms clung onto my body. The smell of alcohol lingered on their breath along with axe body spray. I was scared to see who I was next to.

I opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings. I was definitely not in my room. I looked down at my clothes. I had on a long baggy t-shirt that was obviously a guy's and was only in my panties. 
I must have blacked out last night after Harry violated me. It must be Harry that was clinging onto my body. I sat up and turned my head to the figure behind me.

A pair of green orbs were already looking at me. His curls ruffled and his lips plumper than ever. 

"Good morning."said Harry. He sat up and pushed me back down. I laid on my back defenseless as he hovered over me staring into my eyes. He pulled my arms over my head and lowered his head to my neck. He pressed his lips to my neck and started leaving kisses. I felt my private parts start to tingle. He moved to my jawline leaving butterfly kisses. I didn't want to, but I couldn't help it, I moaned loudly. I craved his touch. 

Harry brought his face to mine and kissed me. My lips started to burn as he pulled away. I felt his large hands roam my petite body. His eyes never left mine as his fingers traced the outline of my panties. My heart was beating faster than ever.

"I've missed you baby." He said keeping his hand on my vagina.

"I don't believe you." I said trying to act like he wasn't touching the right spot. 

"I don't expect you too. I know I'm an ass sometimes, baby."he said resting his hands between my thighs. "But I can make you feel so good." He said slightly pulling my panties down. I stopped his hands and sat up.

"Stop." I said.

"Why?" He asked pouting.

"Because I'm not ready." I mumbled  looking down. Harry lifted my head with his index finger and placed a kiss on my lips. 

"I know your not... But that doesn't mean we can't have any fun. Tell me to stop if you feel uncomfortable." Harry said looking into my eyes. I nodded my head and laid back down. 


~~~Harry's P.O.V

 She looked so innocent just laying there. I could feel her sweet heart beating fast. She was scared, I could tell. All virgins are scared. 
I placed a kiss on her cheek and winked at her. I pulled her panties down and threw  them some where. The view was perfect. She was perfect. Her petite figure was so taunting. 

 I licked my lips at the view of her (area). I felt my boner press against my boxers. I placed my hand on her vagina. I felt her tense up. I licked two of my fingers and rubbed them against her clit. Skai gasped. 

I started rubbing my thumb on her clit. Skailar was letting out sweet moans and swears. I brought my mouth to her area and licked her.

"Harry!" Skailar gasped. I started ramming my tung in and out of her sweet pussy. I sucked on her clit and kept rubbing her. Skailar started moaning even louder. I inserted my index finger and watched her expression change. She started moving back to get my finger out of her but I kept pushing it in.

"Harry I don't like this." Skai whimpered as I was now ramming my finger into her. Her eyes started to water. I kissed her (down there) and proceeded to move my finger faster. She arched her back and shut her eyes. 

"Harry!" She yelped at the painful pleasure as I thrusted two fingers in her. She was extra tight now. I felt her walls starting to close on my fingers. I moved my fingers faster. 

"Ughh fuck!" Said Skai as she reached her climax. I smirked to myself knowing I got exactly what I wanted. She looked at me with wide eyes. I removed my fingers and licked her off of me. 

"Babe you taste so good." I said kissing her cheek. Her cheeks started to blush. "Your adorable, you know that right?" I said slipping her panties back on her. 

"You have to stop doing that." Skai said pulling me on top of her. I was a little surprised at her actions, but I just went with it and laid in between her legs. Her covered breasts were touching my bare chest. She was doing a good job at turning me on. 

"Doing what baby?" I asked playing with a perfect little curl that came from her perfect little head. 

"Teasing me like that." She said placing a kiss on my lips. I kissed her back and thrusted my hips to her hers. She pulled away and started to chuckle.

"Harry."  She said.

"Yeah?" I asked confused.

"I feel your dick on my thigh." She said trying not to laugh. I felt my cheeks burn.

"So?" I said trying to play it off.

"So... Did I give you a boner?" She asked smirking. Oh my god... She was taunting me. 

"Yeah you did. And I think you should fix it." I said smirking back.

"How?" She asked with an innocent expression on her face.

"Like this." I said flipping her over so now she was on top. "Ride me baby." 

"I'll try." She said un surely. She adjusted her position ontop of me and placed her hand on my chest.

She started rocking back and forth on my member. I placed my hands in her hips and moved her back and forth. She felt soooo good right now. We weren't even having sex and she was making me moan her name.

"Skai .... Sto-stop." I stuttered trying to push her off. She ignored me and started rocking even faster. I knew if she kept on I'd end up cuming or go madly insane. She stopped rocking and grabbed my member through my boxers. Her petite hand started stroking my length.

"Fuck Skai .. Keep on." I moaned closing my eyes. Her little hands stroked me even faster. She pumped my dick and tightened her grip as I squeezed her breast.

I felt my climax kick in. I was just about to cum- before she stopped pumping me and quickly jumped off of me. 

"Fuck?!" I yelled looking at her. She was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Oh so you think this is funny huh?" I asked sitting up. I was pissed. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was teasing me. 

"You fucking tease!" I growled pulling her by her hips to me. She bursted out laughing. I couldn't help but notice how cute her laugh is. She pulled herself together and looked at me.

"I'm a tease, only for you babe." She said smiling. I crashed my lips to hers. 

I had a bad feeling that Skailar isn't the only one falling too fast in this game... I'm gonna have to get what I want before this game gets too serious.... Its lasted exactly a month... We'll just see how long it takes for someone to get hurt...

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