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39. Who he is

~Skailar's P.O.V

He was rough, nothing like Harry.

I slowly approached my front door after hearing loud knocks. 


His touch was foreign.


I opened the front door and smiled at him. 

"Hi." I said seductively. 

"Um... Skai what is this about?" His voice was deep, but not deeper than Harry's. His  hair was growing back and his cheeks were flushed because of the cold weather. I thought he looked cute.

"It's about me wanting you." I said putting a finger on his lips and trailing it down his chest and stopping at his belt buckle.  I heard a groan escape his pink lips.

"Skailar as attractive as you are, you know I can't do this.  Me and-" I cut him off by smashing my lips to his. 

He deepened the kiss and pushed me into my house. I gave him a questioning look as to why he pushed me. I watched as he took slow steps towards me and locked my front door.

He smirked and eyed my body from head to toe. Lust clearly in his eyes and sex on his mind. 

He yanked my hair hard and pulled my back into him."I knew you wanted me." He breathed into my ear. My heart rate began to increase. My bum was pressed against his crotch and I could feel his bulge ripping through his boxers. 

His thrusts were hard and fast sending me into shock each time. He was at least ten  inches and he liked having dominance over his girls. 

I was propped up on my knees and my bum was touching his groin each time he pushed deeper and deeper into me. With him it was more pain than pleasure. 

One of his hands was lightly squeezing the back of my neck, while the other was pulling my hair towards him causing a painful arch in my back. 

I moaned and try to keep back my tears of pleasure. 

"Who's making you feel this way?" His voice rasped. 

"You." I cried out. 

"Who's daddy?" He panted slamming into me. 

"You." I barely breathed out. I was finding it hard to breathe. Every thrust he took knocked the air out of me. 

"Say my name baby. Say my name and I'll cum for you." He whispered into my ear causing me to climax right then and there. "Whats my name? Say it! Now bitch!" He shouted slapping my ass hard. 

"LIAM! Your name is Liam." I cried letting the tears slip from my eyes. 

What have I done?...

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