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41. Want

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•Harry's P.O.V
"He did what?!"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It didn't calculate in my brain. He knew what we had. He knew what I did to her. But yet he still... That bastard!  
I hit my steering wheel scaring the confused Meghan beside me. I looked to her who was slightly shaking in her seat. 
"Louis, mate I'll call you back." I said hanging up the phone. I was beyond pissed and I could see that I was scaring Meghan. 
"Sorry babe, I didn't mean to startle you." I put my hand on her thigh and gave her my best fake smile. She wasn't buying it though. 
"Harry, I know you. And I know when something is wrong. So spill it, because your gonna tell me anyway." Meghan turned in her seat to face me.  I sighed knowing she was right. I could never hide anything from her.
"Well that bastard, Liam, told Beth that he knew about when me and her would mess around and  that he also cheated on her, before he dumped her." I said making sure that I left out the key information as to why I was pissed. Meghan's eyebrows furrowed and her face scrunched up. She was wearing so much makeup that I swear I saw her cake face crack. 
"Wait so Liam cheated on Beth? But Beth cheated on Liam first, with you?" Meghan asked. I nodded my head yes. 
"Who did he cheat with?" I couldn't tell her. If I told her she'll know why I was mad. She'll find out I still had feelings. 
"Skailar." I mumbled. I looked at Meghan who now held no emotion in her face. She turned so she was not facing me. Her eyes fixed on the street in front of us. 
"So your telling me that Beth cheated on Liam with you and Liam knew about it, but when Liam cheated on Beth with Skailar it was a problem?" Meghan said calmly. I nodded. 
"It's quite ironic in a way.Very well planned out. I have to give it to Skai and Liam, they are very smart. You see, Liam and Beth were together but then you came in and ruined their relationship. Skailar was mad at you because of how you played her and was mad at Beth because she knew all about it. Liam was also mad at you both, so... Liam took this as an opportunity to get back at you and Beth. He cheated on Beth to hurt her and he slept with someone you care about so you could feel the pain he was feeling when you fucked Beth and they were together. And Skailar fucked Liam to make you feel like shit and to get back at Beth for not telling her your plan. See, it's a lot of thinking and planning, but it's really fucking smart when you think of it." Meghan finished and giggled after. 
How was she not fazed by this? 
"Harry, babe your thinking too much. It's not a big deal. It's not like you care about the bitch." Meghan giggled and I twitched at the thought of me caring about Skailar. 
Meghan instantly stopped giggling and looked at me with evil eyes. "Do you care about her?" Meghan gasped. 
I just looked at her and then looked back at the windshield. 
"Answer me." Her voice cracked. I looked at her once again but this time she had tears streaming down her powdered cheeks. 
I hated this. I hated seeing Meghan cry. I had put her through so much pain. I've hurt her so many times. I watched as another tear slipped from her black eye. Her makeup was smeared and her eyeliner left black stains on her rosy cheeks. I couldn't do this to Meghan. I couldn't hurt her again. I loved her. She was everything I've ever wanted. 
"Babe, please stop crying." I leaned over to her seat to wipe her tear from her eye but ended up smearing her makeup more. 
"Harry stop." She choked out. "I've known you since you were twelve years old. I took your virginity. I know you. You can't lie to me and act like you don't care about Skailar. I can see it in your eyes. You wish I was her when we make love or make out. Don't deny it. You say her name in your sleep. I know you care about her. So stop acting like I am her and go get the girl you want." She tried faking a smile but quickly frowned after. "C'mon Harry, we're gonna be late for school." 
I watched her for a few minutes as she started taking off all of her makeup. As she removed her face I noticed she didn't look like herself anymore. She didn't look so perfect or sexy any more. She looked normal. 
That was the difference between Skai and Meghan. Skai didn't need makeup to be perfect. Even without makeup she looked stunning. 
I needed Skai. 
I decided on going to literature class today. I'd been avoiding that class since Skai came back to school.  
It was already twenty minutes into lesson when I walked in. Nobody seemed to notice and the teacher wasn't there so I took the seat right next to Skai. 
She was so engulfed into a book she didn't notice my presence. I took a minute to admire  her beauty. Her black curls were hidden in a sloppy bun. She was clad in a burgundy jumper and white jeans that were tucked into her black UGG boots. Her finger nails were painted white and she had on the sliver cross necklace I gave her. 
"Take a picture it'll last longer." Skailar calmly said closing her book. She placed her book into her school bag before turning to face me with a stern expression. 
I let a smug smirk play on my face as I stared her down. My eyes never leaving hers. She cocked an eyebrow and pursed her plump pink lips into a thin line. 
"Is there something I can do for you, Mr. Styles?" Skailar smirked revealing her dimples. Her saying my last name like that almost made me melt. 
"Not at the moment baby, and I would love it if you called me daddy, sweetheart." I smirked back. Skailar threw her head back and forced a fake laugh.  God, she was beautiful.
"Haha, you're so funny Harry. And I would love it if you would fuck off." Her lips held a playful smile but her eyes held anger. This was honestly the most amusing event of my day. I decided on pushing her buttons to see how far she will go until she explodes. 
"Sorry babe we both know I can't do that." I replied smugly. 
"What is it that you want from me, Styles?" My last name left her name as if it was venom. I was loving every second of irritating her. 
"Okay I'll tell you what I want. But first you must do something for me." Smirking I faced forward and stretched my arms behind my head. 
"Shouldn't you be fucking your Barbie girlfriend?" She spat. I laughed. She honestly didn't want to start this with me. 
"Oh darling, shouldn't  you be fucking your boy toy Liam?" I cooed. She slapped her hands on the desk and shoved me.
"Don't talk about him like that!" She argued. 
"Love, are you seriously sticking up for your little fuck buddy? Does he fuck you better than I do? I bet he couldn't  even make you cum." I chuckled. 
"Shut up! I won't answer any of your filthy questions you bum!" Skailar placed her hands over hear ears. I snatched her hands from her ears and smacked them flat on the the desk.
"Okay. Then don't answer none of my questions, but I question this on Beth's behalf, Why did you fuck her boyfriend?! Huh? Did you have to be a slut and fuck every living thing with a dick? Out of everyone, you just had to fuck him! What was it? What was it that made you want to fuck him? Was it that he was my best friend and you wanted to get back at me? Or did you just want to because he had a big dick?!" I spat in her face. 
"Go fuck yourself Harry." Skai seethed.
"Watch your mouth darling,  I'm not the one."  I snapped. 
"Or else what?" Skai questioned. 
"This." I grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth to mine. Skai tried shoving my chest to rid me, but I wasn't gonna give. 
We were now standing in the middle of  the class. My hand still on the back of her head holding her still, and the other firmly squeezing her ass. Her attempts to pull away were no use. I forced my tung into her mouth and roughly kissed her. I sucked on her lips and sat her on the desk spreading her legs so I was in between them. We were getting chants and cheers from our peers but one voice stood out the most that made me pull away. 
"Harry stop kissing her!" The voice begged. I looked to where it was coming from. 
At the classroom door stood a very sad Meghan with tears streaming down her face. She dropped her eyes to the ground and shook her head. I wanted to tell her I was sorry but when I looked for her she was gone. And in her place stood the principal, Mr. Cormer, Meghan's dad. His chubby face turned red and steam shot out of his nose and ears. 
"Harry Styles and Skailar Jimenez detention, for a week!" He boomed. "Make that two weeks!" 
I looked down at Skai who was shaking her head up at me.  
"I hate you, Styles." Was the last thing she said before a tear slipped from her eye and before stormed out of the class room. 
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