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9. Tonight

Today was Friday . All week Harry has kept his part of the deal and completely left me alone. He ignored me in the halls , left me alone in detention and didn't even make eye contact with me. In all honesty I didn't like it . I didn't like Harry or anything but I did like talking to him. He was interesting. I wanted to know him, I wanted to know about him. I wanted to know what he wants from me.

After the bell rung I saw Chloe at her locker . Me and her haven't spoken all week , I can really care less she wasn't really worth stressing. But me being the better person that I am I approached her. 

"Chloe we need to talk." I said 

"Hey babe what about ?" She said smiling at me.

 "We haven't spoken all week. You avoid me in the hallways. You don't text me anymore ! Since you and Beth been hanging around the guys you've completely cropped me out of your lives! Is there something you guys know that I don't ? Or is it your too cool for me now?" I poured my heart out to her. She looked at me tears brimming her eyes.

" No." She whispered .

"No what?!" I shouted startling her.

" I don't know and I can't tell you . I'm sorry." She said looking down.

" Wow your un-fucking-believable." I said looking into her eyes.

" Listen just whatever you do stay away from Harry . He's bad news. He only wants one thing. Believe me I know because he only used me for one thing." She whispered the last part and walked away fading into the crowd of people. Wow and I thought we were friends ....


Later that day... 

  The final bell rang. Finally I thought to myself . I have only been in school for a week and I'm already sick of it. But today is the day I have to go with Harry to some party. Urghhh. After my conversation with Chloe earlier I decided it will be best if I just forget about her . Not cut her out of my life, but just take a break from her. I think I'm gonna take a break from the rest of the world too. I want to be at ease and think about my life . Think about my so called friends. Think about my cons . Think about Harry.

I made my way to my locker to get my bag . I saw Harry there talking to some girl who was underdressed . She had long straight blonde hair and crystal blue eyes with a perfect figure. I was immediately jealous and my insecurities started kicking in as she pressed her lips against his. But not because she kissed Harry , but because she was perfection something I lacked in. While they were sucking each others faces off , they didn't even notice my presence . 

"Ahem!" I faked a cough . They broke their kiss and looked at me . The Barbie looked at me and smiled , and Harry gave me a smirk.

" Sorry to interrupt your make out session , but your on my locker and I really wanna go home." I stated not looking at Harry but examining the figure beside him.

" Well Hi to you too Skai ." Harry said ."This is Meghan, if you were wondering ." He said with a devilish smile. The Barbie beside him smiled at me again.

" Hi it's nice to meet you." She said with the biggest smile on her face.

" Yeah I don't think the feelings mutual ." I said coldly . Her smile dropped ." Now if you would do me a favor and move away from my locker." I said with the fakest smile I could find on my face.

" Don't worry Meghan , she's not always this hostile... She must be jealous of you." He said with a smirk playing on his lips.

" Jealous? No no no . Me I'm not jealous. I'm frustrated . So  before someone ends up with a black eye, leave my locker now !" I yelled at them.

" Hostile much ?" Harry said.

"Oh my god! Why do you do this to me?" I said through clenched teeth.

"Do what?" Said Meghan .

" Waste my god damn time , something I can't get back!" I yelled at her. I was beyond done with this conversation I pushed Harry away from my locker and got my stuff. He can forget about tonight! But before I could walk away I felt a large hand grasp onto my forearm.

" Don't forget about our deal. Ill pick you up at 7 . Wear something hot." He said . He didn't let go of me. He turned his face towards Meghan . "I'll see you tonight babe." He said to her." Bye Skai ." He said coldly as he walked away. I was beyond done with him. How could he? He basically played me. I guess he only really wants one thing...


Later that day....

  When I got home I went straight to bed... Harry must've been high if he thought I was going to that party with him. I got up and looked at the time . 6:17... I grabbed my phone. I had a few text messages. Two from my mom... I deleted them. I didn't care about what she said.. I had another from Niall asking if I was going to the party... I ignored them... And the last one was from... Harry...

H- hope your getting ready.... Remember our deal I'm taking you to that party .

S- nope matter of fact I'm not ready and I'm not going! 

H- Hey Skai this is Chloe... Just come with us to the party . It'll be fun.

wtf? Why is she with Harry? She was the one to tell me to stay away from him... Yet she was the one with him.

S- why are you with Harry ?

H- are you jealous?

S- don't kid yourself! 

H- I'm picking you up at seven ! Wether you like it or not .

 I had no say in wether I wanted to go or not ... I was going....

 I walked to my drawer and got a pair of light blue skinny jeans with rips going down them. I walked to my closet and picked out a blue leotard with a black tribal print on it. It was cut low from the back revealing me bra strap. I looked in the mirror I looked good. I walked out of my room and down the stairs. I forgot my boots . I ran back up the stairs and got my dark blue boots with a floral print on it. Now I was ready. I grabbed my phone and texted Harry telling him I  was ready.

Ten minutes later the door bell rung. I grabbed my phone and looked in the mirror. I applied no make up . I liked my appearance. I went downstairs and open the door to reveal... A very sexy Harry .... He had his hair pushed into a beanie , a tight black shirt that revealed tattoos, and black skinny jeans on. He saw me staring and smirked.

"Like what you see?" He teased .

"And if I did ?" I said challenging him. 

" Well do you?" 

"Definitely ."

 That one word was all it took for Harry . He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to him. He looked me in my eyes . His breath was steady. His lips brushed mine for a moment... He pressed his soft Lips to mine and I didn't stop him. I wanted this ... Him. The kiss grew more passionate and deep . I felt his tung roaming my mouth. It was heaven... Until he pulled away.

 He looked at me... His beautiful bright green eyes grew dark. He lips were a perfect shade of pink. He started smirking at me. The slightest move he takes turns me on ... And I hated it.

" Shall we leave now?" He asked examining me from head to toe.

" We shall." I whispered back before he took my hand and made our way to his car.

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We arrived at a huge house... No no no ... Correction, MANSION . I looked at Harry , he just kept his eyes out the window looking for a parking spot.

" Come on ." I didn't noticed we stopped. Harry got out of his car and made his way to me. He opened my door for me and grabbed my hand pulling me to the front door.

" Have you ever been to a part like this before? " Harry asked turning to me before opening the door.

" Yes, I am a junior you know."

" But I'm a senior and this is a senior party ." He said .

"So.." I said getting annoyed.

" Whatever just stick by me." He said as  he turned the knob. 

The house was packed and trashed. There were red cups littering the floor along with hormonal teenagers grinding on each other. There were couples  sucking each others faces off and slutty females everywhere barely able to stand up. It made me sick.

" Come on ." Harry whispered into my ear. He put his arms around my waist and pushed me towards what looked like a drunken Louis , Niall and Zayn. They were dancing with the cheerleaders that used to bully me...

" Hey Skai !! And ... Harry ? Oohhhhh you guys came here together huh?." Louis slurred throwing his arm over my shoulder.

" Aye Louis get your hands off my girl!" Harry growled.

" Alright sheesh mate." Louis said throwing his hands up in defense.

 Harry grabbed my arms and pulled me away from them and away from the party . I heard Louis and others chuckling. I was beyond angry ... He was basically trying to control me... No one controls me...

 He pulled me into what looked like a room. He slammed me against the wall and put his arm over my chest hurting me.

" You listen and you listen good bitch!" He snapped. I was taken back by this. What the fuck did I do? "You are mine ! Do you hear me? Mine! You do not talk to any other guy but me! You do not flirt or fuck anyone but me ! If you even look at another guy, god so help me I will hurt you!" He screamed in my face. His words were strong . They hit me like fists. They hurt me... Harry was a monster... He kept staring at me ... I tried to stop the tears from falling but I couldn't. The hot tears streamed down my face ... I pushed Harry off of me and ran out of the room... I don't know why he was being so mean... I didn't do anything wrong. I kept running out of the house and once I reached the grassy floor I fell to  my knees. I was on the ground, my face was hiding in my knees I was still crying.. Harry wasn't even looking for me ... I hate him was all I could think..

" Hey Skai you need a ride home?" I looked up to see a very sober Liam . I nodded my head and looked back down.

" I hate him..." I whispered to myself.. I hate him...

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