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34. The aftermath 2...

~~~Skailar's P.O.V

-''Hello? Who is this?'' My mom's voice rang through the phone. I wiped a tear that was falling from my eye.

-''Its me Mum.'' I cried.

-''Skailar, baby what's wrong?''

-''I thought he cared about me. But he lied. He only wanted me for one thing.'' I sobbed.

-''What? Skai, I told you to stay out of trouble. What did you do now? And your school called me. What is this about your teachers bringing your assignments to the house? Haven't you been going to school?''

-''No its nothing. Never mind. This was a mistake. I'm sorry I even called you.''

-''Oh well, we'll talk later love. Me and Paul will be back soon. In about a month. Are you sure your okay?''

-''Yeah mum, I'm fine. bye.''

-''Bye Skailar. And you better go to school Monday. I love-'' I hung up before she could say it. That word 'love' had no meaning. It was used way too often, yet no one truly understood it. They took advantage of a word with such strong meaning. They used it, like he used me.

I plopped onto my bed shoving my face in between the pillows. I started sobbing even harder than earlier. I was pathetic. Crying over someone that doesn't even care about me. I need to pull myself together. I cant keep going on like this.

For the past three months I've been nothing but a mess. I haven't seen or spoken to anyone since. I told my school that I've had the flu, so they could bring all of my assignments to my house. All I do everyday is sleep and cry. And sometimes I cant even sleep because he is in all of my dreams. He hurt me badly. But I cant let him haunt me anymore. I have to forget about harry. I have to act like he was nothing. I will treat him like nothing. Then maybe, just maybe, I can recover from the nothing I've become.

Its time for a change... And I'll be the one walking away this time.

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