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8. Shush


Harry's P.O.V

Earlier that day....

"Caleb! Where the fuck is my money?!" I screamed in his face as I was hitting him in his stomache.

" Harry I swear I'll pay you next week mate ! I promise you please don't kill me!" He cried out as I hit him again.

" Kill you ? Nah mate I won't kill you your like my family... But what I am gonna do is beat the shit out of you !" I said as I kicked him.

" Mate hurry up before someone sees us." Louis was there with me . He always had my back . All of the guys did.

" Please Harry !" Caleb begged.

" Shut up !" Me and Louis both yelled at him.

As I was hitting Caleb I heard a soft voice say Louis's name . A familiar soft voice . Skailar's voice ...

 I stood up and looked at her... She looked hot . She looked at me then at Caleb . I knew what her next move was and started walking towards her. Just as I suspected she started running ...


 After my little out burst in class I remembered I had detention . Shit. After school I was suppose to hook up with Chloe . She's hot and all but she's slutty. I like my girls innocent like Skai . But from time to time me and Chloe hook up. I mean I can't just say no to her , I was her first . Plus she's a good fuck-buddy. 

I pulled out my phone and texted Chloe. 

H- Sorry Chloe can't make it there got detention with Skai . Maybe next time .

C- no Harry . This isn't fair! You've been chasing her around like a puppy . She'll never give in Harry stop wasting your time ! I wanna be with you, I want all of you and I don't wanna share. I love you Harry , but all you do is hurt me. And now your standing me up ? For her? What does she have that I don't? .....

H- she has a lot that you don't and what I do is my business.

C- whatever Harry I'm done trying to get with you...

 I don't understand why she was so mad. She knows what I do. She knows who I am . She knows about the game so she shouldn't be so mad. I know I'm an ass. But I don't care once I'm hooked there's no turning back.

The last bell rung . I made my way to my locker to get my stuff . To my surprise Beth was there waiting for ... me? Me and Beth are friends yeah... But we hooked up twice one before she was with Liam and one after they got together. I know I'm a terrible friend but its her fault as much as it is mine.

"What's up Beth ?" 

" Spill it Styles what do you want with Skai ?" She looked at me like I was a bug she just killed.

" You know what I want from her... Shes already a player in the game." I responded not even looking at her. Beth was hot but she was with Liam .

" Harry you can't do this to her. She's innocent ." Beth pleaded. 

"I know that's how I like them." I said while smirking .

" Harry don't hurt her please. Stay away from Skailar or-" 

" Or what are you threatening me? Hmmm does Liam know about those times we fuck or nahh . Because that can be arranged. " I threatened her.... 

" Harry no please don't tell him!" She cried.

" Then stay the fuck out of my business !" I snapped at her as I slammed my locker shut and kept walking to detention .

 I arrived at the room that was all too familiar to me. The detention room. I saw Skai sitting there looking gorgeous as always . I walked in and went next to her but she didn't even look up from her phone. 

" Babe I don't think you are allowed to have that out." I said to her and got no response . She was ignoring me . 

" Skailar looked at me when I speak to you ."I snapped. She looked me coldly .

" What do you want Harry ?" She said through clenched teeth . 

" Well for starters you." I said. She just rolled her eyes and went back to her phone. I snatched it from her hands. 

" What the fuck Harry give it back!" She yelled while standing up. She was really short. It was kinda cute how feisty she was. 

" First you have to agree to go to a party with me on Friday ." I said .

" No!" She said coldly.

" Then you don't get this back ." I said referring to her iPhone .

" If I said yes would you leave me alone?." She said.

" Oh come on babe you know I can't do that ." I said and smirked at her .

" Fine ." She said calmly sitting back down.

" Fine what?." I asked .

" I'll go ... Only if you leave me alone until Friday ." She said .

" Deall ... Ill pick you up at 7:30 okay?" She nodded. I typed my number into her phone and handed it to her. She had no idea what she was getting herself into ....

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