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10. Rebound

 Harry's P.O.V

 When I saw Louis put his arm over Skai is when I lost it. He knew what I was trying to do and I wasn't gonna let him or any one else stop me. Skailar is mine. And it's gonna be that way until I get what I want. You might call me selfish ... But I'm not , I just don't want her with anyone else before I get her. I want her innocent. 

   I saw the tears start to stream down her face... I made her cry ... I hurt her ... She pushed me back and ran out of the room... I didn't bother to go after her. All I wanted to do was drink and probably take some girl home with me. 

I walked out of the room and walked back to the party. I scanned the crowded house for a familiar face. I spotted Chloe . She was wearing a short red dress with black heals . Her long brown straight hair complemented her dark blue eyes. She looked at me smiling . She knew what I was thinking. We both wanted what was coming next. I made my way to her .

" Hey Chloe ." I whispered in her ear.

" What happened ? Skai left you here all alone?." She said.

" Forget about Skai , right now it's about me and you." I said grabbing her by her waist. I pressed my lips to hers before she could object . She kissed back. It felt weird though, her lips were nothing like Skai's. I quickly brushed that feeling off and pulled away from her. 

" Come home with me for tonight." I whispered to her. She nodded and grabbed her purse. I grabbed her hand and led her out of the party . She didn't even wait till we reached my house . She kept massaging my member through my pants and whispered sweet nothing's into my ear. She was making it hard for me to drive.

 Finally we made it to my house. I quickly got out of the car and dragged Chloe with me into the house. We fumbled with our shoes. I pushed her against the wall and continued to kiss her. I put my hands on her firm ass and squeezed . She gasped and started giggling . I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I threw her on the bed and took my shirt off . Her mouth fell open as she examined my chest.

" You think thats good? Wait till you see the ol' cock ." I said.

 I got on the bed . I hovered over her looking into her eyes. She was beautiful which made it hard for me to not like her. I brought my lips to her neck and started leaving butterfly kisses . She moaned . I smirked to myself and started sucking. She let loud moans escape her mouth turning me on more. 

"Harry , now." She mumbled. I pulled her dress over her head. 

" Arch your back babe." I whispered to her. She arched her back giving me access to unclasp her bra. She bit her lip and kissed me. I found my hands to her panties and slowly pulled them down. I licked two of my fingers before inserting them in her.

" Fuck Harry ." She moaned. I starting thrusting my fingers in and out of her, earning swears and moans from her. I took my fingers out of her and quickly took of my pants and boxers. I got up and got a condom. 

" Someone's hard." Chloe said referring to my dick . 

"Only for you babe ." I said positioning my self over her.

 I entered my tip into her causing her to swear loudly. But I kept it there teasing her .

" Fuck Harry ! Just do it already ." She pleaded .

" Not until you beg." I said smirking . 

"No!" She said.

" Beg!" I said to her raising my voice.

" Never ." She said smirking .

" Then I guess we're not having sex." I said blankly.

" Fine. Harry please fuck me." She said .

" Not good enough, love ." I said teasing her again.

" Oh my god. Harry please don't t-" I didn't let her finish . I thrusted into her hard causing her to yelp out in pain. I kept thrusting looking into her pretty eyes as she was loving every inch of me in her.


 After we had sex we just laid there not saying a word. I looked at her . She was already looking at me. I stroked her cheek with my finger.

" Harry?" Chloe whispered still looking at me .

" Yeah?" I said still stroking her cheek.

" I love you." 



~~~~hey guys... Please don't hate me for the sex scene... That is why this story is rated red... But I hope you like it ... I didn't want to be too graphic.... Any way like, comment, favorite or fan please<3

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