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1. Reasons

"Daddy? Where are you going?"

"I'm going away for a long time. And I want you to be a big girl and watch over your mommy... Okay?"

"No daddy you can't leave us... I need you daddy !"

"Baby I have to go your mum doesn't love me no more . I have to go now ... Goodbye I love you Skailar ."

"No! You can't leave me daddy! I need you ... We need you !"

I looked over at my mother who stared at the floor with a blank expression. How could she just let him leave ? How could she just stand there and do nothing?! Is she mad ? She knows we need him! She knows I need him ...

"Good bye Skailar ."

And with that my father walked out of my life ...and my mother just let it happen ....

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