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23. Questions

        The lunch bell rang. Finally. I walked out the back door to my usual lunch spot. I sat under the huge tree that has brought me comfort throughout my years of high school. Right now this tree seemed to be my only friend. This tree is my escape. I took out my sketch pad and started to draw the first thing that came to my mind. I drew the curls that I love running my fingers through. I drew the lips that I loved to feel on mine. I drew the dimples that drove me crazy. I drew the bold mesmerizing eyes that used swallow me whole. But now the beautiful green eyes no longer had that amazing affect on me. Those once beautiful green orbs barely even glance upon me. Those beautiful green eyes no longer craved me... and he no longer craved  me.

   I looked at my sketch. It was him. Harry. It was him. He was the first thing that came to my mind. It was him. It has always  been him. The drawing showed the Harry I was falling for, not for the Harry I have revealed. I want this Harry. I tore out the sketch and crumpled it. I threw it at the ground. He was the last person I wanted to think about right now.

     All day Harry has ignored me. Like always. I was getting tired of this bullshit. He basically flirts with every girl and right in front of my face. All day today Harry and Meghan were together. Earlier I saw them walk into the boys bathroom together, while I was in the library. And when they came out Harry kissed her on the lips. He's more devoted to their relationship than he is to ours... and I'm getting tired of it.

     I heard leaves crunching and footsteps. I looked to my right and saw the devils. Harry and Meghan....together. Harry sat beside me and Meghan took a seat beside him.


"I was looking for you babe.'' Harry said trying to place a kiss on my cheek. I moved away and scooted away from him.

"With her?" I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Meghan looked down at her feet. Harry chuckled and moved closer to me throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Someone's jealous.'' Said Harry leaving a peck on my cheek. I pushed him away from me and shot him a disgusted glare.

"I'm not fucking playing Harry. This isn't a fucking game.'' I said.

"Sure sounds like one.'' Harry said shifting closer to Meghan throwing his arm over her shoulder. Meghan looked at me with an apologetic look on  her face. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

"I should leave.'' Meghan said standing up.

"No! You stay. Ill leave.'' I said standing up also. Harry stood up and grabbed my arm.

''What is your problem?!'' He spat in my face.

"Your my problem! Shes my problem! You both are my problem! You guys keep fucking around with each other and your fucking with my emotions!" I spat in his face.

''How could you be so fucking insecure! Get over yourself, WE ARE NOT TOGETHER.'' He roared in my face.

"You know what... Fuck you Harry. Dont talk to me ever again."

''Fine then I wont!!'' I pushed Harry away from me and ran into the building.

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