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19. Out

Harry's P.O.V

 My plan was in effect. Skai admitted her feelings for me. I didn't want to hurt her, but I had to throw her off a bit. She was really falling too fast. I know what I said was harsh but it was true. I had no feelings for Skai, whatsoever. She was a nice girl, but I have to get what I want before any titles. She wanted a full committed relationship... But I didn't. I like to go to parties. I like to flirt. And I like fucking girls... I'm sorry but that's just me. I know this wasn't going to end pretty, but it was going to end with me getting my way. 

I had to get Skai off my mind. So I called someone that always put a smile on my face... Meghan. 

M- hello?

H-yeah it's me babe.

M- Harry! How's it going sexy?

H-eh, well it's going...

M- so is there something that you wanted?

H-yeah wear something sexy later. I'm picking you up at 8:00. We're gonna go to Louis' party.

M- Kay babe. See you later.


She hung up. See things between me and Meghan weren't complicated. She knew I wanted to fuck... She knew all about the game... She was usually the one to tell the girl about the game after I've gotten what I wanted. She was also the one I called to relieve some stress... And she was a great shag partner. Unlike any other girl I've ever fucked, Meghan,I actually liked. At one point in time, she had my heart and she was all mine. 

Skai's P.O.V 

It's been two hours since Harry left. Ten minutes since I stopped crying... And zero minutes since I wasn't heart broken. We weren't even together and it felt like he broke up with me. I just wanted him.. Here... With me. It was safe to say I was in love with Harry. But he didn't feel the same.

"Fuck him... He doesn't deserve my tears." I said getting off my sofa and wiping away dried tears. 

It was Saturday evening and I had nothing to do. I was tired of feeling sad over some one like Harry. Who did he think he was? I was gonna come back at him.. And strong. But it was already 7:56. And I had no plans. Time to call Perrie.

P- hey girl.

S- hey... Um I was wandering if you had any plans? 

P- uh yeah we're all going to Louis' party... You should come.

S- I wasn't invited.

P- are you kidding me? The guys can't stop talking about how hot you and Carla looked at the party. I'm pretty sure Louis wants you to be there. And plus Harry's gonna be there.

S- me and Harry aren't really in good terms right now... And are you sure Louis won't mind?

P- of corse just come. Your more than welcome he said... And Niall said wear something hot. 

S- wow... Um okay ill see you later. I have to get ready bye babe.

P- ciao babe.

Well then I guess I was partying tonight. I walked upstairs to my closet. I didn't feel like getting all fancy for a stupid party.

"Hmm.." I said as I looked in my closet. I picked out my grey '5sos' t-shirt with a pair of black shorts and my grey and black Jordans. I tied my t-shirt so it looked like a crop top and grabbed my snap-back. I was ready to go. 

"Legooo bitches!!" I said as I walked out of my house.



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