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31. No one there...

~~~Skailar's P.O.V

"Why hasn't he called back!" I yelled as I threw my phone. It's been 6 whole hours since Harry dropped me off. I tried calling him, but it keeps going to his voice mail. I have to figure out what happened between us. 

I tried calling again. No answer. I need someone to talk to. I haven't really talked to anyone in a while. The only person I really kept in touch with was Harry. I stopped talking to Chloe. I haven't even seen Beth and Liam. Zayn and Louis have been busy with their girlfriends. Only god knows what Niall and Carla have been up to.  

I clicked the contact number. It was ringing for 17 seconds before someone picked up. 

-"Carla stop playing! Give me back my phone." A thick Irish accent rang through the phone. "Shush. Hello, this is Carla speaking, how may I help you?." 

S-Carla? I thought this was Niall's number. 

-Oh hey Skai! And it is. I just answered his phone. 

S-Oh okay... Um is he there? I kinda need to speak to him. 

-Sure. Babe! C'mere, Skai wanna talk to ya! 

N- Hey Skai! How ya feeling? 

S- Hey Nialler. And I'm feeling pretty sore. 

N- Oh I figured. 

S- How?

N- Nevermind. It's nothing.

S- No tell me now.

N- I heard what happened between you and Harry. 


N- Harry called me earlier and told me everything. I'm really sorry. I wanted to tell you but-

S- But what?! Tell me what? 

N- He didn't tell you? 

S- Didn't tell me what? What didn't Harry tell me? 

S- Hello?! Niall are you there?! 

The line went dead. 

What didn't Harry tell me? 

What did Niall know that I didn't? 

Where did I go wrong,and trust him with my heart?....




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